Easy Holiday Personalized Stocking Craft Idea for Kids

Looking for an easy craft for the kids this holiday?  These mini stockings make cute gift card holders or fun gifts for the kids to make and give during the holidays.  With just a little felt glue, some glitter glue pens and some creativity--they kids can make the cute stockings in no time.

As a classroom parent, I  have also used this craft for holiday parties and as a craft table option at family holiday events sponsored at school, church or community functions..  Kids love them, they are fast and easy to make and pretty affordable to make in bulk for large groups of children.    When the kids were really little, we had adults either pre-write names on the stockings for them or help with the handwriting--but, as soon the kids were old enough to write--we let the kids create the stockings entirely on their own. 

What do you need to create these personalized holiday stockings with the kids?

Supplies for Personalized Stockings

Mini Stockings.  Some years, we use white and red mini stockings--other years, we switch to green and red.  These are easy to find in value packs online or in the seasonal section of even your local grocery store.

Felt Cutouts or DieCut Holiday Shapes.    Look for pre-cut holiday felt shapes that are an inch or two in size or cut your own from large pieces of felt.  I tend to buy the pre-cut ones to save myself time--especially when planning to do this craft with 20-30 students.

Felt Glue.  If you work with felt and foam crafts a lot, you know that sometimes school glue and such just do not adhere the pieces together well.  This can be especially frustrating (and messy) for little hands.  I have greater success with glue designed for use with felt or foam.  

Glitter Glue Pens.  Long ago, when I made these stockings with my oldest daughter's preschool class--we wrote on the stockings with glue and sprinkled them with gold glitter--and it was a lot more work in both preparation and cleanup!  Glitter Glue Pens make the process much faster, easier and neater!

Instructions for Personalized Stockings
Glue on the Felt Shapes.  I like to have the kids do this step first so that the stocking can be set aside to dry once the glitter glue is applied.

Personalize the Stockings with the Glitter Glue.  Write on the stockings as desired and set them aside to dry.  If you are writing on both sides of the stocking--allow the first side to dry fully before turning it over.  If the glitter glue has not hardened fully, it will flatten or smudge even after a few hours.  Different glue pens have different drying times--but, the glue may not be fully dry for hours.  If making these at home, we generally let one side dry for 24 hours before moving the stocking--so plan your project time accordingly. 

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