April Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Spring Break?

I'm taking a minute today to reflect on the rather rocky...umm..snowy start of our recent spring break!  While it wasn't the first night of spring break that we had planned--it became one of our more memorable ones!  We had planned to drive to Salem, Viginia, from Pittsburgh; spend the night and do a couple of cavern tours the next day before heading further south to North Carolina.  Winter Storm Uma; however, had a slight detour in mind for us. I wanted to share our first day of Spring Break as today's Wordless Wednesday link up. 


We knew that there was going to be a winter storm on our route.  We thought that our schedule would give us enough time to get to Salem before the brunt of the storm--and, as a worst case, we may have to cancel the cavern tours.  A delay in Pittsburgh put us a few hours behind--and left us about an hour and a half from our destination with horrible driving conditions forcing roads south to close and us to seek a last minute hotel on the first (and, what we quickly learned was the last) real exit that we came to! 

We managed to book one of the last rooms in the last hotel with rooms on the exit.  Our car couldn't make it up the snowy hill into the hotel lot--so we got the go ahead to park it in a nearby business lot away from plowing routes--and walked the 1/4 mile or so to up to the hotel. 

After a dinner of apples, popcorn, juice boxes and chips--our first night of spring break came to an end.  Our hotel kept power.  Our car was not buried by trucks plowing the lots.  Everyone in the breakfast area at the hotel was very friendly and talkative the next morning.  I think the breakfast room full of us who had driven for a few hours over the previous nights' snowy/icy roads were all counting our blessings and feeling very glad to be safe and sound. 

After breakfast, we were off....

Yes, the snow on the mountain trees that morning was much prettier than it had been on the mountain roads the night before! 

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  1. These are beautiful glad you made it safe to your destination.

  2. What an adventure! Loved the story. Thanks so much for sharing with me at!

  3. Glad you were all safe and sound. Quite an adventure you had!

  4. Wow, that's not spring, that's winter. We've had a long cold and wet winter here.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  5. Angela,

    There's nothing like Mother Nature pulling a fast one on you just to remind you that she's still in control of things and it ain't be spring time until she says so. lol That white stuff sure is pretty but I'm glad we don't get much of it in East Tennessee. We were surprised with a bit at the end of March, but nothing like this. Hopefully things went well after you got further south. :) Thanks for stopping by to join my WW linky party! ;)

  6. I hear ya. In Nebraska we've gotten snow too. So much for spring.

  7. Beautiful pics and I am glad that you are safe. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful week.

  8. Lovely pictures. Wrong season, but lovely pictures. So glad you are safe



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