Why Using Natural Beauty Products Is Great for Your Health

Products that contain natural ingredients are all the rage right now. But, regardless of the fad, there are serious health benefits to be reaped when avoiding synthetic products with harsh or unknown chemicals in them. It can be hard enough to keep track of the seemingly unending list of chemicals that are considered hazardous to your overall health.

In fact, it is easier to know which products are safe to use rather than keep a growing memory of all the bad ones. While it may be your desire to eventually replace all your everyday beauty and hygiene products with ones that contain more natural and safe ingredients, you should probably start off with some of the essentials and work your way up from there.

Here is a small list of everyday hygiene and beauty products that get you closer to healthy living:

·         Shampoo: Your hair is one of the most defining features about you and what you put on your head should be as healthy as it is effective for that look you want. Here are some benefits to using natural hair products:

o   Allergies: Products with natural ingredients tend to be more hypoallergenic than those with synthetic chemicals. Changing your shampoo may even get rid of mystery allergies you’ve been having.

o   More Effective: Natural shampoos will use oils and other ingredients proven to complement the body’s oil and chemical makeup. This means both healthier and better-looking hair.

o   Environmentally Friendly: It goes without saying. Anything you put down your drain finds its way back into the environment. With products that use only natural ingredients, this is a great way to clear your conscience while looking good.

·         Toothpaste: You wouldn’t eat something full of harsh chemicals designed to clean something, so why use toothpaste that has them? While there are many different types of “healthy” toothpastes currently on the market, few of them actually have the ingredients necessary to be both healthy for you and give you a brighter, cleaner smile.

One of the best natural toothpaste ingredients to use is charcoal. The
best charcoal toothpaste will have activated charcoal, which is different from regular charcoal. It is finer than regular charcoal and thus can filter out more dirt and stains. Charcoal is much more efficacious at cleaning your teeth; here’s why:

o   Stain-fighting Power: Charcoal has a very fine texture and thus the ability to scrub your teeth clean from stains without causing permanent damage to the enamel of your teeth.
o   Protects Good Bacteria: Activated charcoal is great at filtering out the bad from the good. Using activated charcoal means more of the good microbial cultures in your body are left intact. Other toothpastes tend to wipe out everything, making it harder for your body to recover those probiotics.

·         Deodorant/Antiperspirant: This one is a must into today’s world. You would sooner leave the house with your driver’s license than without a quick application of the anti-stink stick. But deodorants and antiperspirants tend to be filled with some of the most dangerous ingredients found in beauty and hygiene products.

In fact, they can be filled with ingredients like aluminum, which has been linked to serious health problems, especially in women. The aluminum can absorb into the body and, overtime, that accumulation can reach critical lymph nodes in the armpits. Here are some other benefits to changing over to natural deodorants:

o   Healthier Skin: Antiperspirants, especially, are designed to dry the skin and keep perspiration from happening altogether. It achieves this by effectively blocking pores from sweating. Overtime, those pores can become clogged and cause rashes and painful burning sensations.

o   Benign Ingredients: For those who shave their armpits, having a deodorant that will not cause razor burn is essential. Make sure to get natural deodorants free of harsh alcohol-based fragrances known to cause razor burn. Good deodorants will have ingredients deliberately selected to avoid this issue.

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