Wordless Wednesday Link Up: Little Cat Update

If you visit us often, you know that our youngest daughter had a starving stray cat follow her home right before Thanksgiving Break.  We shared some pictures of Little Cat as we were trying to name her last year.  When we took the poor little girl to the vet in November--he wasn't sure that she would survive.  She was so malnourished and just exhausted and frail.  He suggested that we "wait a while" to have her spayed.  (She probably couldn't recover from her condition--let alone survive surgery.)  Well.  That Little Cat was quite the fighter over the winter--and has taken to life as an indoor house cat pretty well.  We had her spayed in February--and we thought it was time to share an update.  Meet Binky....a.k.a Little Cat--who isn't really so little anymore!  Don't forget to link up your latest Wordless (or not so Wordless) Wednesday posts at the end of this post!

The Binks

She has become a very different cat since November!  Her facial scars are gone (along with her fleas, worms and ear mites).  She has gained over 4 pounds--and her white socks are all clean.  They don't "match"--but, they are clean!  (And she has branched out from Her Room (Miss Madelyn's room) to other beds and areas of the house!)

Here are a couple of shots of her in November/December with her nose all scarred--and living as a hideaway on Miss M's bed!

Binks has Become "The Mama"...of Some


Little Binky--my husband was given the pass to name Little Cat since he had not had the opportunity to name any of the resident critters over the past 15 years--has became family, adopted some crazy Mama Cat role--and insists on grooming everyone AND playing enforcer if a fight breaks out.  So far--Elsa has been the only female cat willing to take on a Mama.....The two older ladies are not up for grooming...or mothering...

...and Binky has Bonded with Old Mr. Fluff

 Fluffy D'Tail may not look so happy in this picture--but, these two are ALWAYS together.  Mr. Fluff gets at least 4 baths a day--whether he needs them or not--and these two are always cuddled up together somewhere.  It took Fluff four lady cats....and 10 years...but he has finally bonded with Binky Boo.

...and The Binks Hates the Maxi Dog...a lot...

Poor Mr. Maxi.  

Holy Wow--Little  Cat has zero tolerance for this poor dog--and he has zero understanding that she weighs 8 pounds and he weighs 58 pounds.... If I raise my voice to him (even to call him in loudly from outside)--Binky comes out of nowhere and bashes him the minute he ventures upstairs.  (Imagine a Tasmanian Devil circling a poor, dumb 58 pound hound dog...) least 3 times a day...If any of the cats (even the two "old ladies" who hate Miss Binks) make a sound...hiss...growl..cry out at all..Max gets bashed.  He doesn't even need to be in the room or on the same level of house.  Binky sees any turmoil or unrest in the house as Max's fault.  

I think I can safely say--she is a Bully and looks for any sign of a fight all day-every day!  The poor dog barricades himself behind me or the kids---or under the "homework desk" as soon as trouble breaks out. 

I guess....Binky (or) The Little Cat (what middle daughter and I still call our latest addition) has found her place in the house--and we are glad to have her healthy and safe!

How was your week?

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  1. Aww! what a nice ending for her she looks well and contented now looks like she likes the company too :-)

    I hope she thrives now :-)

    Have a meowtastic week :-)

    1. Thank you! She has a pretty strong personality--lucky for her....and Mr. Fluff is ready to be her buddy!

  2. She is so beautiful! It is amazing what a little time and love will do you change a being completely around. What a great update! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Aww, what a sweetie! Hi Binky 😻

  4. She is indeed beautiful! So glad for the happy ending.



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