Why Do You Struggle With A Blocked Nose?

Do you have a stuffy nose? Can’t you go anywhere without a pack of tissues in your bag? Don't you remember when the last time you breathed freely was? Whether it’s affecting your everyday routine or even your social life – nobody likes going out with friends with a blocked nose –, if you’ve been struggling with your nose for an extensive period of time, it’s time to accept that you may not have a cold. Colds can last up to 2 weeks, but they disappear as your body fights off the bug. A cold that doesn’t go may not be a cold after all. Here are some of the common reasons for your blocked nose.

What your blocked nose says about you.

Do you have an allergy?
Allergies can come and go at any age. While parents tend to be more receptive to the allergies of their children, they can often ignore their own problems. Remember that just because you’ve never had a problem with dust or pet hair before doesn’t mean you can’t develop issues. If you find a common pattern to your sneeze attacks, for instance, it might be worth discussing your suspicions with a doctor who can run tests. As a rule of the thumb, living with an allergy requires additional care. For dust and pet hair, you need to make sure to vacuum the house every few days. Chemical allergies can be sorted out by switching your household products. You can find effective steroid sprays for hayfever.

Pet hair; beware!

The air is too stuffy.
It’s difficult to renew your indoor air when the temperatures are either too hot or too cold. Nobody wants to open the windows in summer and even less winter! Unfortunately, this can create a stuffy atmosphere, especially if you don’t use the A/C system. As a result, small toxic particles and humidity that are normally present in the indoor air combine and can affect your breathing ways. You’ll find that the addition of an underfloor air circulation system – check this one out for example – can help to move particles and reduce the presence of moisture. This can be extremely helpful in small bathrooms and kitchens.

You don’t eat the right food.
While it can be easy to notice food allergies, you may not notice dietary insufficiency. If you follow a low-protein diet, your choice might affect your immune system. As explained in this article,, your immune system is made up of proteins. The lack of it in your diet might make you more sensitive to inflammation, allergies and bugs. If you find that a simple cold or a cough lasts forever, you might want to make an appointment with an immunologist.

Your sinuses are inflamed.
Most people who experience chronic sinusitis don’t realize they are. When your sinuses are inflamed you might find it hard to breathe through the nose. While it feels as if your nose might be stuffed, often the inflammation is the cause of the obstruction. It’s important to see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid developing acute sinusitis.

In conclusion, a blocked nose can occur for a variety of reasons. You’ll be surprised to know that it can be the result of poor ventilation, high presence of air particles, low-protein diet or even inflamed sinuses. In short, look both after your home and yourself!

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