Top 5 Wonderful Benefits of the Online Therapy App Talkspace

According to research online therapy is as effective as the traditional face to face therapy. In reality, the combination of medication and online therapy could be much more effective and efficient compared to taking medication alone. However, this very efficient and convenient alternative is often overlooked as an effective process. This claim is backed by studies and pieces of research as well as reviews of several trials of online-based therapies.

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Another set of trials further support this claim. These reveal impressive improvement in stress and anxiety in a cognitive behavior online therapy conducted in just a span of one to two months. One of the products gaining traction in the world of online therapy is the app called Talkspace. Read on to know the amazing advantages that you get by using this online therapy app.

1. It Offers Convenience
To the majority of the users using Talkspace, the convenience that it offers is its major selling point. Since the online sessions can be done anywhere, you can simply schedule it at your most convenient time. You can receive your therapy without taking a shower or changing clothes or while you are at the comfort of your home. In addition, this app can reach people in far-flung areas. Often, people in these areas have no access to mental health treatment simply because there are no available facilities in the area. It also provides convenience to people who are housebound or those with disabilities. Several cases of failed mental treatment are due to issues with mobility.

2. Change Your Therapists Whenever You Want Without Repeating EverythingWith this app, you can easily change your therapist. If you are not comfortable with the therapists assigned to you, you can simply go to the settings tab and click change therapist. What is great about this app is that changing your therapist is limitless. Another amazing advantage of using this app is that you won’t have to repeat everything every time you change a therapist. In conventional therapy, getting a new therapist would also mean repeating some information that you have already discussed with your previous therapist. This online therapy app will save this inconvenience.

3. Great Platform For Those Who Are Not Comfortable Talking or Physically Seeing A Therapist
This online therapy app is a gem to those who are uncomfortable talking or discussing their issues face to face. We have unique ways of communicating with others. Some people are better off talking while several others prefer to write down what they feel. In addition, this app has other options that you can use if you find texting too much for you. You can communicate with your therapist through video or through voice. While this app is available on Android and iOS devices, you can also use your desktop if you are not comfortable using your mobile devices.

4. Easily Accessible Information
The wonders of the Internet paved a way of making information about mental health very accessible. While it is true that we are comfortable talking to our family and friends about health issues, talking to them about our mental health issues could be very discomforting.

5. Your Account Is Password Protected
If you are too sensitive about your mental health issues and would not want others snooping about your business, this online therapy app works great for you. You can secure your account and keep sensitive information between you and your therapist sealed by nominating a password. This is very comforting especially to those who are very anxious about their private thoughts and emotions.

What is Talkspace?
This is an online therapy app that you can download on Google Play and App Store. It is an innovative way of providing psychotherapy to people through mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and PC. Anyone of legal age or older than 18 years old can use this app to avail help extended by a licensed therapist. Clients are assigned online psychotherapists by an intake specialist. They can also choose from numerous suggestions recommended by the app’s matching algorithm. This online therapy app utilizes various therapeutic approaches. This includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and several other evidence-based treatment alternatives. The app has more than 500,000 users with more than 1,000 licensed therapists.

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