3 Best Thai Food Recipes to Beat This Summer

Who doesn’t enjoy a good plate of authentic Thai food? However, Thai foods are not really known for their greatest combination with Summer season, primarily because they involve a lot of spices and eating them during summer just creates another reason to sweat excessively. Well, at least that’s what most people think!
Thai Food

In reality, there are more than abundant Thai food recipes that you can chill out with to beat the scorching Summer.

1.  Wonton Noodles with Coconut and Lemongrass
What better way to welcome Summer than with an exquisite plate of sweet and sour wonton noodle? This recipe is perfect to kick-start your summer with a fresh, aromatic and a delicious bowl of Thai noodles.

Ingredients –
  • ·         1 ¾ cup of fresh coconut milk
  • ·         6 ounces of fresh wonton noodles
  • ·         1 lemon
  • ·         6 ounces of mushrooms (personal preference)
  • ·         4 ounces of sweet peppers
  • ·         1 teaspoon of sugar
  • ·         6 ounces of baby bok choy
  • ·         A couple of lemongrasses
  • ·         1/3 cup of roasted peanuts (optional)
  • ·         1 piece of ginger
  • ·         Cilantro and mint
  • ·         1 Chilli pepper
  • ·         2 teaspoon of soy sauce (golden mountain)
  • ·         Wash and clean all the ingredients with the help of heated salt water. Cut all the vegetables in even distribution and keep them in individual bowls.
  • ·         Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil and dry-fry approximately ¼ of wonton noodles. Take them out once they are crispy and drain out the oil.
  • ·         Heat another 2 tablespoons of olive oil in the pan and cook all the vegetables together. After they begin to soften, add bok choy, salt and pepper for seasoning.
  • ·         Make the broth by adding coconut milk, soy sauce and sugar in the pan and cook for 6-8 minutes
  • ·         Cook the remaining noodles separately.
  • ·         Finally, add a wedge of lemon and cilantro to the broth and pour them on top of cooked noodles (you can remove chilli pepper). Top it off with the crispy noodles.
2.  Coconut rice with vegetable salad and egg
This simple rice and vegetable salad are easy to make and enjoy. It incorporates the exotic combination of crunchy and sweet elements.

Ingredients –
  • ·         2 eggs
  • ·         1 lime
  • ·         ¾ cup of rice
  • ·         1 ¾ cups of coconut milk
  • ·         ½ pounds of red cabbage
  • ·         A bunch of cilantro
  • ·         1 ear of Corn 
  • ·          2 tablespoon of soy and ponzu sauce
  • ·         Scallions
  • ·         Cut all the individual vegetable ingredients and keep them in separate bowls
  • ·         Now, make the coconut rice by cooking the rice in a separate saucepan. Add salt and coconut milk and cook for about 14-16 minutes
  • ·         While cooking rice, make the red cabbage dressing using soy sauce, ponzu sauce, scallion, and some wedges of lemon juice
  • ·         In a separate pan heat, olive oil and stir cook the corn, scallion, and pepper. After the corn softens add lemon juice and seasonings
  • ·         Fry two eggs (sunny side up)
  • ·         Add the marinated red cabbage and fried corn to the top of the coconut rice. Finish it with the egg topping
3.  Vegetable Pad Thai
Pad Thai isn’t new to anyone who loves Thai foods. So here is a simple method and recipe for making your own vegetable Pad Thai this summer. 

Ingredients –
  • ·         2 eggs
  • ·         2 lemons
  • ·         2 carrots
  • ·         14 ounces of rice noodles
  • ·         6 ounces of pepper
  • ·         2 tablespoons of peanut butter
  • ·         3 cloves of garlic
  • ·         1 bunch of Thai basil
  • ·         1 Ginger
  • ·         1 tablespoon of Soy sauce
  • ·         ½ tablespoon of sweet chilli sauce
  • ·         Prepare all the ingredients by washing and cutting them into uniform pieces
  • ·         Make the sauce by whisking all the sauces together (soy, peanut butter, lemon juice, chilli sauce, and about ¼ cup of water.) Crack the eggs and keep it a separate bowl
  • ·         Now, boil the noodles in a separate bowl and drain out all the water. Rinse it with cold water.
  • ·         Heat up to 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a pan, and stir fry all the vegetables together. Add the seasoning elements and carrots in the end.
  • ·         After the carrots begin to soften, add the eggs by slightly moving the vegetables to one side of the pan and then mix them well.
  • ·         Finish the pad Thai by adding the cold-rinsed noodles to the vegetable and egg mixture. Stir cook for about 1-2 minutes before serving         
These are only three of the simplest Thai food that you can cook at home with ease and enjoy the summer in your Jacuzzi without having to go out for a good bowl of Thai food.

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