5 Ways to Prep Your Vehicle for a Newborn

When you're expecting, you have much to organize and prepare for your little one's arrival. From arranging the nursery to gathering all the clothes, diapers, and products a newborn needs, you can easily overlook what needs to be done for your car. We've listed five of the most important areas to consider when preparing your vehicle to travel with a newborn. 
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Buy a Quality Car Seat
Your baby needs to be safe and secure when traveling in the car. Having a high-quality child safety seat that is the right fit for your car and your child is the first step to ensuring your newborn has a hazard-free ride. Find and compare car seats based on their safety ratings and discover the best seats suitable for newborns. Once you've found the right one for your child, have it fitted by a professional so that you can have peace of mind that your newborn is secure.

Renew Your Roadside Assistance Membership
You want to make sure your roadside assistance membership hasn't lapsed, as you never know what may happen. If you're faced with a dead battery on your way home with your newborn in the car, you don't want to be stuck on the side of the road indefinitely. You child may be in need of a diaper change, feeding, or a comfortable and safe place to nap. Ensuring you are covered and have help on the way when it's needed means you can always get your little one home in a timely manner.

Schedule a Vehicle Inspection 
Even if your vehicle is not due for an inspection, it's a good idea to have your vehicle checked for any potential hazardous problems that you may not be aware of. Now that you will have a little one with you, you want to make sure your vehicle's brakes, suspension, seat belts, windows, and windshield are all in top condition.

Protect Your Newborn From the Sun
Glare from the sun easily comes through a car's windows and can go directly into your newborn's eyes. To protect your child from the uncomfortable and damaging effects of glare while in the car, consider your sun protection options. Tinting the back windows is an effective method, but if you're looking for something temporary, you can choose from a variety of window shades to fit your car's rear and side windows.

Fix Dangerous Cracks in the Windshield 
The importance of replacing a cracked windshield is often overlooked or not understood. A small chip in the glass could turn into a crack when your car goes over a bump. A crack is a disaster waiting to happen, and a small jolt in the road or a piece of loose gravel hitting the windshield could cause the crack to widen and the glass to shatter. Have your windshield checked and replaced if a professional determines that replacement is necessary.

Following the tips above will help you and your newborn get on the road easily and safely. Happy driving.

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