Three Tips to Make Holiday Guests Feel at Home

Are you planning to host overnight guests at your home this holiday weekend? Opening up your home to guests can be nerve-wracking, and you might feel pressure to make sure they feel at home and have a good time. Don't worry though, below are three simple tips to provide a warm and welcome environment for your holiday guests that will help them have the best holiday stay. 

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Provide Basic Necessities
Have you ever gone on a trip and realized you forgot your toothbrush or other essentials? It is common to forget and lose items during travel. Keep your home stocked with basic necessities that your guests might need during their stay.

Stock the shower with shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. Stock the bathroom with hand soap, unused toothbrushes, and toothpaste. Have a few extra phone chargers available for them to use. Provide your guests with earplugs and eye masks in case they are light sleepers. Keep snacks and drinks in the kitchen to assure they never go hungry or thirsty. Do these things to satisfy your guest's basic needs. It is the simplest way to assure they feel right at home this holiday season.

Keep Things Fresh and Clean
Have you ever arrived at a hotel that has dirty sheets, musky air, and questionable stains in the bathroom? You probably did not enjoy your stay and quickly gave them a one-star review. Give your guests a five-star stay by keeping things in your home fresh and clean.
Ways you can keep things fresh and clean at your home:
  • Use bedding that is comfortable and free of stains, and make sure to have plenty of blankets.
  • Purchase air fresheners or candles for the room and bathroom they will be using.
  • Thoroughly disinfect the bathroom your guests will use.
  • Maintain your HVAC system, and replace air filters to freshen up your home and eliminate household smells.
  • Keep common areas such as the living room and kitchen tidy.
Entertain Them 
Have you ever been stuck inside your home during a snowstorm with nothing to do? You were probably bored, wishing you were anywhere else. Your guests are on vacation, so make sure they are properly entertained and have a great time while they are staying with you.

You can do this by having a TV available for your guests that has access to online streaming platforms or a DVD player with a selection of good movies. Keep your guest's children entertained with the latest video games, toys, and a safe area for them to play. To entertain the entire family, you can purchase family-friendly board games for a fun evening inside the house or try these 5 isolation boredom busters.

Making your holiday guests feel at home does not have to be a difficult or stressful task. Follow these simple tips and your guests will be grateful that you opened your home and provided them with comfort and entertainment. If you had a Yelp page they would be sure to leave you a great review!

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