Memorial Day Cookout Menu from Appetizers to Desserts

It seems like it was just Labor Day and the kids were venturing off into a new school year--but, the calendar says that we are almost finished with another school year and it is time for Memorial Day weekend.  
grill with different kinds of meat

Many of host cookouts and gatherings to welcome summer during this time along with our activities honoring the men and women who have died while serving in the U.S. military.  After hosting many gatherings over the years--I thought I would share some of my go-to recipes ideas from our Memorial Day cookout menu.   Here are some dishes from my favorite summer cookout menus!

Pinnable image of a Memorial Day cookout menu

Memorial Day Cookout 
Appetizer and Side Dish Ideas

This is my fastest, easiest, potluck salad recipe--and always a guest on my cookout menus!

These are the perfect, healthy offering for a gathering.  Even the kids can skewer these kabobs onto pretzel sticks for dipping.

This recipe is a Greek themed take on the traditional mayonnaise-based pasta salads our moms have made for years.

My daughter makes the best guacamole--and we love to serve it with tortilla chips or even cut up veggies for parties and gatherings!

Memorial Day Main Dish Ideas  

We love to serve a variety of seasoned mini burgers--it lets guest try new flavors without committing to one large burger!

Loaded Black Bean Veggie Burgers
These are my favorite meatless "burgers" for cookouts!

I always try to serve a chicken option when we host a cookout--and this one is one of my favorites!

Memorial Day Dessert Recipe Ideas

Quick, easy, bite sized dessert options are always a hit at our cookouts.

These are easy to prepare--and easy to serve--making them perfect Labor Day cookout desserts!

Cookies are easy to prepare and store long before a cookout--and they don't require plates and cutlery for eating!

I will add some grilled corn on the cob--and our Memorial Day menu will be set! Now I just need to go shopping and get the backyard ready for guests!!

Enjoy your holiday!

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