4 Cool Tips for Air Conditioner Upkeep

The hottest months of the year are here, but don’t sweat it. Even in the most scorching summer, air conditioning offers refreshment and respite from the heat. With AC units in nearly 90 percent of American homes, most individuals are able to chill out inside while those on the outside bake, burn and melt. That cold air isn’t cheap, however. Keeping cool comes at a cost of around $300 a year for the average U.S. household, and with that kind of investment, it makes sense to keep your air conditioner in top condition. Additionally, a poorly maintained AC unit has to work harder, which in turn requires more energy and increases your monthly bill. Here are four tips to keep Jack Frost nipping at your nose this summer, and not your wallet.

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Made in the Shade

People and animals aren’t the only ones who love shade. Air conditioners do, too. When an AC unit is exposed to direct sunlight, it heats up, which means it has to work even harder to cool you down. Awnings can be installed above window units, while landscaping solutions like trees and shrubs can help shade exteriors ACs.

Don’t Forget the Filter

Replacing dirty filters is a quick and easy way to aid your air conditioner. Clogged filters keep cold air back while forcing dust, pollen and other pollutants into the home. You’ll breathe easier, and pay less, by changing filters at least once a month.

Get an Annual Inspection

Regular visits by licensed air conditioner professionals can save you from hot days and high bills. With annual or biannual inspection, trained technicians can identify and repair potential problems before your unit breaks down. These service visits also include refilling refrigerant, cleaning drains, checking connections and other important upkeep. Search for fish hawk air conditioning repair or in your area to see what services are available.

Keep the Cool Air In

The point of air conditioning is to cool down your house, so don’t let that chilled air escape outside. Make sure all windows and doors are shut when the AC is on. Still, air can escape through cracks, so add caulking and weather-stripping around windows and seal air conditioning ducts with insulation. You will also feel the benefit of this in the winter months as cold drafts are kept at bay.

It may be a hot one out there, but you can keep cool by keeping up with your air conditioner maintenance. Keep these tips in mind for a chill summer.

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