Controllling Caregiver Burnout And Stress

Being a caregiver is both a rewarding and challenging job. Some days you may feel that you are in total control of the situation while there are days when you do not seem to know what you are going to do. Stress can take a toll on your health, state of mind and relationships once it is left unchecked. It can also lead to caregiver burnout which means that you find it tough to do anything let alone caring for someone else.

While you may consider taking care of yourself as a luxury, it should be a necessity given the fact that your job can be quite demanding. You do not have to allow stress to control your life. There are techniques you can use to live a happy, healthy and balanced life again.

All you need to know about caregiver burnout

You know that you are experiencing caregiver burnout if you are physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. Burnout is due to prolonged stress brought about by looking after someone. Without doubt, caring for your loved one can be a fulfilling duty, but it does not necessarily mean that you are also immune to stressors. There is also a long-term challenge associated with caregiving.

Once you start to feel the stress of caregiving, the effects can be damaging. Your caregiving responsibilities may last for many years or even decades. Finding out that your loved one has no hope to get better may also make you feel disheartened. Aging can cause your loved one's health to deteriorate and no matter how you try to take good care of them, there will come a time that old age will affect all aspects of their well-being.

Just because you are a caregiver does not necessarily mean that you no longer need emotional and physical support. Your job can be very stressful because you need to make sure that your loved one is well taken care of. Stress can lead to anxiety, depression, and burnout. When you get to the point where you want to throw in the towel, both you and your loved one will suffer.

Managing your stress levels is just as important as ensuring that your loved one receives the care they need. Being busy with your caregiving responsibilities is not an excuse to forget about yourself. You can still ease your stress levels and feel hopeful and positive again.

Watch out for these signs and symptoms of stress and burnout:

The first step to managing stress is to learn to recognize the signs of caregiver stress. Once you are aware that you hit your breaking point, you have to take the necessary steps to prevent burnout. Caregiving will no longer be a good option for a person who experiences caregiver stress and burnout. Be sure to heed these signs:

Signs of caregiver stress
  • Have trouble sleeping
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Irritability, depression, anxiety
  • Overreacting to minor problems
  • Feeling run down and tired
  • Eating more, smoking, or drinking
  • No longer takes part in leisure activities
  • Avoiding responsibilities
Signs of caregiver burnout
  • Decreased energy
  • Vulnerable to cold or flu
  • Feeling constantly tired or exhausted even after taking a break
  • No longer concerned about own needs
  • Your life is focused on caregiving
  • Unable to relax
  • Impatient and irritable, especially with the patient you are caring for
  • Hopeless and helpless
  • Steps to avoiding stress and burnout
Feeling powerless is your portal to depression and burnout. You can easily fall prey to stress if you do not properly address the signs of stress and burnout. More often than not, caregiver chooses to neglect these signs because of thinking that the situation will eventually change. Without proper stress management, things will get worse and worse. While money, time, or physical assistance may not always be available, you have the option to be as hopeful and happy as you could be.

You have to learn to accept that looking after your loved one involves spending a tremendous amount of time ensuring their needs are met without an assurance that they will get better. Avoid feeling sorry for yourself or pinning the blame on others when things do not go as planned.

Keep in mind that you can embrace your caregiving choice. All you have to do is to acknowledge that despite burdens and resentments, you still choose to provide care to your loved one. Start focusing on the positive reasons for your choices. Despite the demanding nature of caregiving, do not allow it to take over your life. You still have other purposes so you have to live your life to the fullest. In home care giver San Antonio are well trained and highly skilled to face the challenges of caregiving.

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