Coveted Door Prizes for Parties

Whether you’re hosting a housewarming party, a bridal shower or a neighborhood potluck, add excitement to the event by providing door prizes that guests will be thrilled to win. From indulgent items to gadgets that they can really use, attendees will be thrilled to play games or participate in contests when they see these rewards are at stake.

Delicious Treats

Prize winners young and old will appreciate a selection of snacks as a contest prize. Compile a variety of food gift baskets to award to the winners and appeal to different preferences. For the younger set, offer a container filled with candy, flavored popcorn, chips and cookies, for example. Those with more refined tastes will love a box full of gourmet tidbits like a bottle of wine, cheese, crackers, nuts and fresh or dried fruit.

Picnic Set

As spring and summer approach, guests would love an assortment of picnic essentials that they can take to the beach, park or outdoor concerts. In addition to the basket, items such as a blanket, wine glasses, bottle opener, cloth napkins, a cheese board and knife. To create a larger prize, consider adding gift cards to a local gourmet store or liquor shop where the winner can purchase goodies to pack inside the container.

Comfort Items

Offer the prize winner an indulgent experience with an assortment of items that she can use to pamper herself. Compile goods such as a body brush, bath bombs, bubble bath, lotions and essential oils. In addition, provide a one-size fits all bathrobe, a fluffy blanket, scented candles and perhaps a bottle of wine and a pretty glass.

Kitchen Gadgets

Avid cooks and want-to-be chefs will love a gift basket full of items to create a delicious meal. In addition to a few simple recipes and the ingredients to prepare them, include an assortment of gadgets that they can always use in the kitchen. Add such items as an oven mitt, spatula and wooden spoons, measuring cups and basic oils and spices.

Gift Cards

If you need to gather prizes in a rush, gift certificates are always welcomed. Instead of offering cards to local restaurant chains that the recipient may not like, consider providing awards to establishments like Target or Amazon that offer a wide variety of goods.
Send your guests home with prizes that they’ll gladly use. Not only will the gifts remind them of your thoughtfulness, but they’ll also take them back to the festive time that they spend with family and friends.

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