Living in the Family Blender: 10 Principles of a Successful Blended Family Book Review

Today is National Stepfamily Day--so, we thought it was the perfect time to share a review of Living in the Family Blender: 10 Principles of a Successful Blended Family by Clark and Leah Burbidge. Navigating life as a blended family does present some unique challenges--but, also offers a number of rewards for families. What did I think of Living in the Family Blender?

About the Book

Blended family issues impact the vast majority of Americans. Yet, society often sidesteps the topic, while literature leaves a bleak landscape nearly void of practical advice from those who have lived in the trenches. With over 68 combined years of direct blended family experience, including 14 years with their own family of 10 children, authors and married couple Clark and Leah Burbidge are uniquely qualified to fill this void. Their combined autobiographical/how-to guidebook, Living in the Family Blender: 10 Principles of a Successful Blended Family (July 2019, Deep River Press), weaves a humorous, tender, uplifting, and critically insightful fabric of 10 foundational principles upon which any family may confidently build.

Every blended family can have happier, more fulfilling lives where disruption, disorientation, and contention are replaced by teamwork, progress, and overcoming-oriented achievement. Living in the Family Blender provides practical guidance upon which any family may build better relationships and a life filled with joy and purpose. Join Clark and Leah on their personal journey and discover glorious possibilities in your own family.

My Review

Living in the Family Blender is a Must Read Resource for Blended Families. The points and tips offered throughout this book are all valid, useful and presented in a very easy to read, conversational manner that helps the reader apply the ideas to his or her own family. The authors have clearly lived the life of a blended family and are able to share their experiences and insights so fully and honestly that this book is very valuable to both families beginning the blended family journey or for those facing ever-changing challenges years into the family building.

Clark and Leah Burbidge stress the important things as they share their stories and advice. Communication, faith, active listening, compassion--and, most importantly, commitment are stressed throughout the principles presented in this book. Finding success as a blended family is a day-by-day adventure that doesn't end when the kids have grown and moved from the family home. The authors offer tips and advice that readers will find helpful even if they are at a different stage of the building process or facing different difficulties or struggles.

Would I recommend Living in the Family Blender: 10 Principles of a Successful Blended Family by Clark and Leah Burbidge? Sometimes you just need to know that you aren't alone when facing difficulties. The authors have been there and are sharing their experiences and insights learned through living as a large, blended family. The writing style is down to Earth and easily relatable. Even if you know many of the principles--the authors still over additional tips and stories to help you find a better path toward family success. I highly recommend this book for both new blended families--or for older blended families facing new challenges for changes.

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Parents, Grandparents, Adventurers, Authors, and Experienced Authorities on living the blended life. LIVING IN THE FAMILY BLENDER: 10 PRINCIPLES OF A SUCCESSFUL BLENDED FAMILY

I received a copy of this book from PR by the Book for use in this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful summary of our book. It is awesome when a reviewer not only dives deep into the material but also really gets it. Every family is a blended family and there is a way to have a great and successful experience even amidst the daily challenges.

    Clark & Leah



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