How to Help You Kids Conquer Their Fear of Doctors

There are plenty of reasons children fear doctors. One is that it's truly scary to have yourself prodded and checked by a stranger. On top of that, it's no fun having your skin pierced with a needle. Since kids need to have regular vaccinations, the frequent use of needles on them is enough to make them terrified of doctors.

But you need to bring your kids to the doctor regularly no matter how afraid they are. In order to make your visits to the doctor a success every time, here are a few things you can do.

Pretend to be a doctor

Before you go to your family physician in West Jordan, take some time to prepare your children. A day before the visit, play with your kids and pretend that you're a doctor. Bring out toy medical instruments for you and your kids to play with so that they won't be surprised to see real medical equipment during their doctor's visit, like a stethoscope or a tongue depressor.

Be prepared especially for the tongue depressor because every child doesn't like the sensation of vomiting. What you can do is practice using a toy tongue depressor at home until your kids feel a little bit comfortable with it. Also, ask the doctor to be gentle and stop immediately if your little ones feel like they're going to throw up.

Be honest but be sparing

It won't help to lie to your children because once they find out the truth, it will be difficult to regain their trust. For example, if they need to get a booster shot and they ask you if it's going to hurt, tell them the truth.

However, you don't have to tell them all the details. It's up to you to choose which parts of their visit to the doctor to tell and which ones you won't. Just reassure your kids that despite feeling some pain from the shot, it's still good for their health.

Bring their toys

Kids need a security blanket to help them cope with things that make them uncomfortable or afraid. So, if your children have a security blanket, such as a favorite stuffed animal or book, bring it with you to the doctor.

Let them hold onto it as long as they can. When it's time to put it down because the doctor needs to give a shot or examine them, hold their favorite toy where they can see it. It can help distract them while the doctor is tending to them.

Don't let them lose sight of you

Children need their parents in times of distress because just the sight of them can make them feel calmer. Don't leave their side at all times, especially when the doctor is examining them already. Hold their hands, too, to reassure them that everything's going to be fine.

Helping your children overcome their fear of doctors is important not just for their own well-being. It's also essential because it's through your efforts in helping them fight their fear that they will be able to develop an ability to fight and conquer other fears.

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