Tips for Getting Organized: Best Christmas Decoration Storage Ideas

If “getting more organized” is one of your New Year’s Resolutions, you are likely not alone. Most of us struggle with staying organized in one form or another. Why not get the New Year off to a more organized start before the New Year this year? Are you looking for the best ways to safely store all of those Christmas ornaments, lights, wreaths and other holiday decorations until next holiday season?

We plan to enjoy our holiday d├ęcor until January 2nd—then, it’s time to pack it all away into storage until next December. After years of trial and error, we have narrowed down a few of our favorite holiday decoration storage ideas—and thought we would share a few of the best Christmas ornament and decoration storage boxes and containers with you.

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Holiday Ornament Storage Boxes. My mother kept all of her original ornament packages for storage from year after year. While those packages held all of her ornaments—they were not always very durable and the occasional ornament broke during the “off season”. I love sturdy, ornament storage boxes with segmented compartments, like the Snap and Stack Seasonal Ornament Boxes.

Ornaments stow away quickly—and I can even wrap each small, ornament in paper for extra protection if I wish.  Plus--you can stack multiple units as they snap together. 

Christmas Tree Light Storage. Oh, the joy of tangled holiday lights. For years, I have rolled our lights around rolled newspapers or recycled paper towel rolls—but, I finally found something a little better.

The 3 Holiday Storage Reels in a Bag keeps the lights securely wound—and protected during their months of storage. The only drawback to this storage unit is that it is fairly small and stores only small strands of lights—100 or less. However, since it works so well—I’d prefer to buy more of them than find something larger that doesn't work as effectively!

Christmas Wreath Storage. I have a large, handmade wreath that was a gift from my parents last year that I want to keep safe and well preserved. While other wreath storage bags cover the wreath, they do not do a lot to prevent crushing or breaking the adorning ornaments and bows. I like this Christmas Wreath Storage Bag.

I purchased the 36 inch size for my largest wreath and it takes advantage of the wreath's frame for suspended storage as it has a handle for hanging.

For my smaller wreaths, I prefer the Homz Holiday Wreath Storage Box.

These wreath boxes hold up to a 24 inch wreath--and the units are sold as 3-packs. It is a sturdy, smaller wreath storage idea--and it's stack-able and keeps wreaths from being crushed.

Holiday Gift Wrap Storage. Yes, I am one of those moms that buys random gift bags in discount stores and saves holiday gift bags from parties and gatherings to reuse. I have even been known to reuse tissue paper—for years. I store wrapping paper, bags and bows right along with my Christmas decorations.

For gift bags, I often simply use a larger shopping or gift bag that hold lots of smaller bags and I use the Jokari Gift Bag Organizer during the holiday-wrapping-season to keep a handy supply of tissue paper safely organized—and to keep the gift bags, tags, etc., visible and easy to grab.

For rolled wrapping paper, name tags, ribbon, bows and other gift wrap supplies, I like the Honey Can Do Wrapping Paper Storage Container.

The Christmas Tree. We use an artificial tree. Allergies, cats, travel commitments, and general family life events were not conducive to live trees—so we bought an artificial one instead. Of course, the tree's original, cardboard box survived for storage for a year or two and is now no more. We found the Christmas Tree Storage bag with wheels that works wonderfully.


 It is a little more expensive than some of the bags at local discount or home improvement stores—but, the construction is worth the added expense. We move our tree up from a storage space beneath our stairs and the wheels plus the duffel handle make it a much more bearable experience.  I can also either store it upright or lay it down flat in the space.

Hope these ideas help get you motivated to get your New Year off to a more organized start!

Disclaimer:  I updated this post from 2016 (and 2012) to reflect a few new items that we have discovered and use for Christmas decoration storage.  We may receive slight compensation from affiliate links within our posts.  However, we only link to items that we use and recommend. 

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  1. Excellent storage ideas. I use somewhat similar cases. For the christmas tree lights and line of beads and stuff I use an empty plastic water bottle and wrap them around it!

  2. Fabulous ideas! We usually just put our tree back in its original box and wrap a rope around it. The branches stick out everywhere! I need to just get one of these bags already! Now following you on Networked blogs. Hope you have a moment to follow back!
    Thanks! Katie~



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