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Being home with the family for many weeks during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic meant spending a lot of time and effort in the kitchen! While we are a family that generally cooks together and shares recipes and culinary adventures--we have become even more focused on our food, our meals, our health and diets-- and missing some of our favorite restaurants too! I recently discovered and have been visiting more and more as it offers a load of resources for families focusing more on food and meal preparation! The site has also been useful in looking at the ins and outs (and ups and downs) of careers in the culinary industry. One of my daughters frequently teeters on the edge of leaping into this career field--and she has had fun looking into the different areas of the site! What do I think of the food, nutrition, cooking, and career resources and the fun kids' games at  
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CulinarySchools.Org offers some useful tools for busy families. While the site serves to educate and inform those interested in culinary professions--it has loads of offerings for families to explore too! In our little corner of the world--breaking our patterns and shifting form an always-out-and-about family to a stay at home family led us quickly down a comfort foods path! As we shift our focus from those easy, soothing, comfort foods back to more sustainable diets--I have found some of the on-site calculators extremely useful. From weight loss pages with a body fat calculator and weight loss tools and tips to ingredient conversion tools to make recipe preparation a bit more straight forward--we have been using bits of the site quite a bit lately!

Site guests will find games and guides with fun ideas for families. As we move through an unusual spring with families needing to find activities to stimulate and occupy the family into the summer--we could all use a few new games and ideas. With so many families having an increased interest in cooking and needing to supplement school activities, the site has many fun games for preschool through teens directly on the website with links to several additional guides with food, cooking, and nutrition-related topics! The games are easy to understand, fast-paced, and fun for kids and parents alike, and the extra resource guides and links make it easy for families to try new ideas in the kitchen!

Could culinary arts be your child's dream profession--or maybe your next career?  The website makes it easy to explore different roles within the business, become familiar with various styles of cooking, play games, and join in activities to learn more about the industry. The site offers the ability to search for top culinary schools nearby or around the world in various areas of expertise.  

Would I recommend for families? The site offers a lot of information, both related to culinary schools and the cooking world in general. With so many families taking a new interest in or further developing existing cooking skills--this site may really help you explore the field as a family. The kids will love the games, and parents will appreciate the resources and new ideas available on the site. If you family enjoys kitchen-themed activities, this is a great site to explore.

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