5 Career Areas That Project to Grow in 2020

One of the biggest decisions in any young adult’s life is the career that they will stick with until retirement. That is a huge choice for a high school graduate to make, and it is one that not everyone is able to make before being expected to start higher education!

Such a big decision requires not only knowing your own set of skills and passions but also what significant career paths those skills will fit into. It is important to find a career that will grow rather than deplete over time like so many traditional industries are. If you are just starting your journey toward a career or looking to simply change your path, check out these five career areas that are projected to grow in 2020.


Some individuals don’t succeed in the traditional classroom setting, but rather enjoy working with their hands. For these types of students, a trade school might be the best option for success. In fact, the need for electricians is rising dramatically and is expected to keep growing throughout 2020.

Needing more electricians is probably due to how much society uses it. Without working on electricity, our world would not be able to function. Residential areas, corporate offices, shopping malls, food stores, and so many other locations could not serve the public without electricity.

What’s more, electricians are the people who keep us connected to each other through the internet and other means of connectivity.

As our reliance on technology increases, so will our reliance on electricity. Becoming an electrician means having an impact on your community like you wouldn’t believe. Getting involved in a career as an electrician is fulfilling because of all the people you can help. There will always be a need for skilled electricians, make this a great career path in 2020!

Nurse Practitioners

If you have a passion for helping people and don’t have a weak stomach, you might consider a profession in healthcare. Nursing is a wonderful career for those who want to have an impact on people’s health, though often requires some tasks that might be difficult to handle.

The nurse practitioner career path is growing right now because of an increased need for healthcare professionals. However, beginning a nursing career isn’t an easy decision. It takes multiple steps to become a nurse practitioner, from an undergraduate degree, becoming a registered nurse, then continuing on to a masters degree.

There is always a need for new members in this profession, making the process worth it. To make matters better, the profession is growing, so you can be assured that jobs will be available for you.

Being a nurse practitioner will allow you to keep people healthy and keep a good job that makes you feel good.


If taking care of people isn’t quite your thing, taking care of animals might be another option for your career path. Becoming a veterinarian is great for those who love animals. Luckily, the need for more veterinarians is growing and will increase throughout 2020 especially. People love their pets and will always need to take them to a vet to maintain their health. You could also work with more exotic animals if you work with a zoo!

Since more people have time to train and care for new pets during the time at home, there has been a significant increase in the need for veterinarians everywhere. The process to become a veterinarian is a little longer than some other professions, but if you truly love it then it is definitely worth the years.

Animals will always need to be cared for, and you could be one of the special people who dedicate their life to do so. You can be a part of a growing industry by becoming a skilled vet because of how many are needed in the career path.

Healthcare Marketing

Being a healthcare professional is without a doubt a tough job. Many people want to be involved with healthcare but just don’t have the stomach to handle the tough situations that sometimes come with working in the industry. If you want to be involved with healthcare but don’t think you can see patients, healthcare marketing could be the right place for you.

This growing industry allows you to help people get the care they need by directing them to the right places to receive it. Helping create healthcare marketing plans for various companies will be the main goal of your career. You’ll have to be able to do thorough research about the right audience to find the techniques that will work the best.

Check out this guide to healthcare marketing plans from Digital Authority Partners for more information on getting a head start in a healthcare marketing career. The need for more healthcare marketing professionals comes alongside the growth in the healthcare industry. It continues to evolve, opening up new positions and opportunities for people who want to have an impact on individual lives.

Social Workers

The careers that continue to grow are the careers that make a difference in people’s lives. Rather than healthcare, you could help the underprivileged population or a community that is in need. To make a career out of giving back, you could look into a career as a social worker. Social workers are individuals who can truly change someone’s life for the better.

A career in social work means you would be able to help resolve all types of conflict concerning the well-being of various types of individuals. They tend to focus on the oppressed or vulnerable populations, trying to keep them safe or protect them from harm.

There are so many different focus areas for social workers as well, so you can choose a more specialized position to suit the population you want to work with every day. Becoming a social worker will provide you with a stable career throughout 2020 because of how frequently their services are required. You could work in a school, a hospital, or for individual families to change someone’s life.

Choosing a career is tough, but choosing one that is projected to grow will not let you down. Maintaining a stable job that you love will make sure your future is bright.

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