The 5 Best Bedtime Story Authors Ever

Some of a child’s fondest memories lie in the times that they spend with their parents as they grow up. As a parent, it is important to spend time with your child that they will remember forever. Sitting with your child at night and reading bedtime stories together is a great bonding exercise that also helps them develop vital skills.

Finding the books that hold their interest can be a challenge, especially for the children who find reading difficult or boring. If you make reading more fun when they are still so young, your child will likely love reading with you more. Find the books they respond best to and read other stories from the same author. These five children’s book authors will grab your young reader’s attention with their stories and brightly illustrated pages.

Maurice Sendak

Any good book can be read at any time of day, but it is a good idea to get into the habit of reading before bed. This gives your child something to look forward to at night time. Maurice Sendak has a few books that make perfect bedtime stories. He is an author and illustrator most commonly known for his children’s book Where the Wild Things Are. The illustrations in this popular story are elaborate and captivating to keep children interested in turning pages.

Reading to your child can help them learn more about the world around them while also helping them learn to read on their own. This story can teach them an important lesson about how you shouldn’t judge anyone based on their appearance. The sentences are relatively simple, perfect for helping young children learn to read with parental guidance. They will grow their vocabulary and enjoy spending time with their parents before bed. 

Sendak also has a few other notable children’s books that would be perfect for any child’s bookshelf. In the Night Kitchen and Outside Over There are other titles he is known for.

Inspire your children to love reading with engaging stories that feature intricate illustrations. They will beg you for bedtime if you read them the right books!

Eric Carle

Children’s minds are being shaped every day by everything they interact with. Even if you don’t realize they are learning, it is very likely they are! Reading books, especially before bed, is a great way to introduce them to more important skills without them realizing it. Children tend to absorb new concepts better when they learn them right before sleeping.

Eric Carle’s books are wonderful for bedtime stories. They all feature his bright illustration style, helping them learn colors as they learn to read as well. Carle is best known for his book The Very Hungry Caterpillar, which shows children a caterpillar eating food before turning into a beautiful butterfly.

This unique book features his collage style of illustrating with bright colors as well as textures. Children can feel the pages to have a fully immersive reading experience.

Carle also wrote other children’s books that feature animals, like The Grouchy Ladybug and The Mixed-Up Chameleon, which all include his bright designs.

Keeping your child engaged in reading the most popular authors is so important for their learning and development.

Dr. Seuss

Stories that contain positive messages are some of the best ways to help children learn more about their world. Dr. Seuss is a master at teaching children more about their surroundings through stories that they enjoy.

While some of his stories, like Green Eggs and Ham, might be lighthearted and silly, they all truly teach important lessons that are tough for children to understand. Even Green Eggs and Ham teaches young readers to try new things and keep an open mind!

The Lorax is another wonderful bedtime story to read to children young and old. It informs children about protecting the environment and being an advocate for the earth.

With his stunning illustrations and rhyming language, Dr. Seuss is one of the most interesting authors for children to read. Cool Things Chicago has a good guide to his best work that your children can learn so much from.

Engaging your children with important lessons has to start at a young age to help them grow into more open-minded individuals.

Laura Numeroff

Even the simplest-seeming children’s books are actually pretty complex under the surface because of what they can teach a child. If You Give a Mouse Cookie books are wonderful for introducing cause and effect. Numeroff’s lighthearted books are perfect bedtime stories because they easily make children laugh. Children love watching the shenanigans of the sweet characters through the adorable illustrations.

Parents can read Numeroff’s books to their children until they begin to pick up on the words and read along. The sentences are easy to learn and fun to repeat!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and all of Numeroff’s similar books subtly introduce cause and effect. They can begin to interpret what the mouse will need when he is given the next item to help them understand how different items are related.

These sweet stories are perfect for bedtime because the pictures perfectly match the narration. Your child can follow the pages easily until they begin to read on their own with the guidance of the images.

Margaret Wise Brown

One of the most fitting bedtime stories of all might just be Margaret Wise Brown’s, Goodnight Moon. This short children’s book helps children wind down at the end of the day by saying goodnight to everything in the room.

The simple sounds and rhymes will help lull children to sleep, though they can keep them learning the language as you read to them. As they become familiar with the bedtime story, they may begin to read it to you instead! Rhyming is a tool many children’s authors use to help children remember word sounds more effectively.

Tuck your child in with a sweet goodnight story to make sure they are well-rested for a busy day ahead.

Taking time to read to your child before they head off to sleep can make a big difference in their skill development. Learning to read, recognizing colors, and discovering more about the world are all important lessons that bedtime stories teach.


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