How The Internet Of Things (IoT) Is Transforming Your Home

We are actually finally living in the times that people in the 50s imagined a home would look like. Though we may not have flying cars and robots that cook us dinner yet, there are a lot of automated functions that we have in our home that we don’t even think twice about.


The ability for devices to communicate with each other through the IoT has made life much easier and improved our lives in many ways. From medicine to self driving cars, the possibilities are endless.


In our homes, we can set things up to be smarter and require less of our time to make our home work better.


1 - Home security


The days of having an alarm that would alert the authorities if somebody was already in the act of breaking into your home are pretty much over. Now we have a system that uses artificial intelligence to work almost like a 24 hour guard for our homes.


A camera placed outside our front door, or wherever you want, can turn on as soon as it detects motion and then broadcasts the video to your app so you can view it remotely. This is especially handy if you are expecting a package as it will turn on as soon as it detects the delivery person. And if it isn’t the delivery person you will see right away.


Smart locks are also part of these systems like Vivint home security that gives you a lot more control. You can even open the door remotely for the delivery person to enter so you don’t have the package sitting out on your porch all day.


2 - Smart appliances


Remember all those times that somebody drank the last of the milk and didn’t say anything? Now your fridge will know and will order it for you automatically so you never run out again.


Your HVAC system can be smart, too. They can be connected to your local weather so when the forecast is for some bitter cold, then the heater can turn itself on to your preferred temperature and make sure that you don’t end up with frozen pipes since you weren’t home to turn the heat on.


Or, it can even know when you’ve left work if it is synced with your smartphone and will turn the air conditioner on so it’s nice and cool when you get home. You don’t have to have it running all day while you are out to have it be the perfect temperature when you get home.


With smart thermostats you can save money and make your home more eco friendly.


3 - Lawn care


Imagine having a lawn mower that knows when it’s time to mow the lawn and then does it for you? Well, you don’t have to imagine as there are these types of robot mowers on the market already.


They sit in a charging station and then come out when it feels the lawn is at the predetermined length to cut and goes around the lawn and back to its charging station on its own. It works the same way one of the robot vacuums works by understanding the area around it and avoiding obstacles.


You can have sprinklers that analyse the moisture level in the ground and turn on when it feels that it is too dry. And they also keep an eye on the weather forecast so they aren’t running when it is raining. Again, this saves you money by using less water and energy and is good for the environment. 


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