5 Shopping Hacks and Tips at Home Depot

Is your home decor stuck in the '80s--or is it just our little house in our little corner of the world? I have been looking at a 1987 golden oak, brass, and off-white wall for almost 20 years--and have decided that 2021 will be the year I change it all up--with a lot of DIY projects and adventures! Since I have a pretty limited DIY budget--yet, have been a frequent shopper at the local hardware stores over the past few months, I have learned a thing or two about bargain shopping for my DIY projects. Today, I thought I would share some shopping hacks and money-saving tips for shopping at Home Depot.




Plan your Home Improvement Projects Room by Room--For Every Room Before you Begin. Okay--this seems a little time-consuming. However, if you are going to be patching drywall holes, painting walls and sanding down and filling blemishes in wood trim, or repainting a ton of old brass fixtures throughout the house--you can save money by buying some of your product needs in bulk. I am a massive fan of the project calculators for paint, countertops, and tiles on the Home Depot website. The calculators help me combine projects (like putting the same tile in two different bathrooms or using the same paint color in separate rooms). I save money and have less product waste when I am not guesstimating my product needs!


Learn From Pre-Made Project Ideas and Plans.  While I may not always love the colors and style of some of the ready to make project guides on sites like Home Depot--I LOVE that their guides break down all of the products, tools, and equipment that I need for a given project. I repainted our downstairs bathroom vanity with the help of a Home Depot Project How-To Guide. While I didn't buy every suggested item and tool--I learned a little about the appropriate paint and sandpaper grit to use for the project. After all--if I am putting in the work and effort, I want quality results that last.


Take Inventory at Home Before You Buy. Since I am literally re-doing the entire house, I have many materials on hand to work with! Before I buy more painter's tape or a box of finishing nails or more paintable caulk--I use the project plans and guides to help me take inventory of what I have only to buy what we actually need. I am not a fan of tossing anything that is re-usable--so cabinet doors and light fixtures that are in good condition will be repainted/refinished/re-done in some form or other for this year's updates!  


Look for Coupons and Sales--Every Week. I am a planner. I refuse to spend more money than I need to spend on my projects! I begin with the home improvement store sale circulars--but, I will undoubtedly take advantage of special store credit card promotions or special Home Depot coupons and deals available on sites like Slickdeals. If I see flooring that I want is on sale this week--I will purchase it now with coupons or sales for a project that may be a month away on my to-do list! 


Use the Right Tools for the Home Improvement of DIY Task. I am the first to make due with items on hand--but, it is wise to make your life a little easier by using the appropriate tools for a job. Just like needing a correctly sized wrench or screwdriver is necessary--sometimes, you something more professional equipment than the devices in your little toolbox! If you are an avid DIY'er--it may be wise to purchase an expensive tool or piece of equipment--but, if you are limited in space or money--I love renting large tools or contractor-grade equipment from Home Depot for bigger home improvement jobs. 

Hopefully these shopping hacks and tips help you accomplish your next set of home improvement projects!


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