Why Should you Sell on AWS Marketplace?

If you are a software or data services developer seeking to sell your products and services online--it may be worth your time to check out the AWS Marketplace. Suppose you are unfamiliar with the AWS Marketplace. In that case, AWS--or Amazon Website Services--is a division of Amazon that offers on-demand cloud platforms and API's to many businesses and organizations ranging from individuals to large companies and government organizations. What should you consider selling your products and services on AWS? Here are some benefits of being a seller on the AWS marketplace.

AWS Marketplace Offers Easy Seller Registration and Account Set-Up. To begin to sell on AWS Marketplace, simply register as a seller by using your existing AWS account, if you have one, or creating a new one. Be sure to read the seller requirements before you sign up as a seller to ensure that you can meet the seller contract's demands and provide your product or service per the AWS terms. Sellers register, set up bank account information, and configure tax calculations. Setting up taxable products is simplified with the site's AWS Marketplace Tax Calculation Service depending on the U.S. state the seller resides within. Provide required forms for taxes and be sure that a registered US bank account is registered for payment disbursements.

Detailed Product Settings Allow for User-Friendly Product Preparation and Set-Up.
From choosing your product's category to creating the product listing for your specific type of deliverable, the AWS Marketplace has tools, advice, and guides in place to help you prepare your product for clients on AWS. Guidelines and instructions allow you to submit your product for publication, set up pricing and licensing--even if you plan to offer complex pricing options, varied product templates, or a choice of payment schedules. Many of the options you encounter for setting up your product or service may seem quite complicated for new users. However, once you master the ins and outs of the details--you will be able to present your product to buyers quite effectively with many more options than you may have even considered!

The AWS Marketplace Services a Variety of Clients.
Finding customers for your product or service is made a bit easier as you offer it up on this vast marketplace of established clients and organizations. While your product will not sell itself--the marketplace certainly helps you put it in front of many buyers and users in one place.

AWS Marketplace Offers Seller Options to Help you Manage your Sales. Sellers can access the marketplace via mobile from anywhere--with full access to seller reports and data feeds to keep them in-the-know on product performance and customer data.

Selling on AWS Marketplace allows digital product and service providers a very strong audience of qualified and interested buyers in a well-established network of users buying and selling various digital services. Whether you are an established developer or just starting out--this marketplace may offer you just the eyes you need on your product to lift your sales and open doors for future opportunities and growth.

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