January Bucket List: 13 Family Fun Activities for January

It is January and a brand new year--and, believe me--we are super excited to leave 2021 behind!  This year, it is all about finding peace and balance in our little corner of the world.  One of my biggest goals for this year is to slow down the days and make the most of our family moments.  Each month, we are planning to have a family meeting and come up with a short list of fun activities based on the season or the month's special holidays.  Today, I am sharing our January Family Fun Activities--a family fun "bucket list", I guess, of the activities that made our list!  Ready to have some fun in January? Try some of these 13 Family Fun Activities for the month of January!


List of family fun activities with a winter theme for January
Download a Printable Copy of our January Bucket List of Family Fun Activities

 My kids are a little older--but, they never outgrow some of their favorite family fun activities!

Here is a rundown of our plans for the month of January!  Check out some tips and ideas for each item and download a printable copy here too!

January Bucket List

13 Family Fun Activities for January

A collage of winter themed pictures
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1.  Make Homemade Hot Cocoa.  Nothing says winter like a mug of hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows and cinnamon!   The kids and I have made many cups of  my go-to hot cocoa recipe over the years! We have even taken the idea a little further and baked these hot cocoa cookies too!

2.  Make bird feeders or buy a window bird feeder. January 5th is National Bird Day--so, it is the perfect time to get crafty and make a DIY bird feeder--or even set up a store-bought feeder in a spot where you can watch the birds.  We bought this window bird feeder to set up in the office that my husband and I share. 

3.  Take a Winter Hike.  Last year, we had so much fun taking random hikes during the year.  We kicked 2020 off with a mini-vacation in Hocking Hills and plan to make another trip this month!

4.  Celebrate MLK Day.  With COVID restrictions, I am not sure how many events will be available to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday this year--but, there are certainly ways to celebrate the man and his legacy at home. Maybe watch Selma or the King miniseries--or read a book like The Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr.

5.   Go on a Winter Scavenger Hunt.  I used to create scavenger hunts for every single birthday party when the kids were younger!  Make a quick list of fun winter themed items to find--and make it extra fun by make it a selfie scavenger hunt so that you take a ton of pictures to help you remember the activity!


Pinnable list of family fun activities with a january or winter theme

6.  Hot Tub In the Snow.  The kids think this is the greatest! There is something magical about glistening snow in the dark--fluttering to the ground just beyond a covered hot tub. Last year, we were actually visiting a cabin with a hot tub--during a slight snow.  We are hoping to repeat that experience this year!

7.  Go Ice Skating.  This may be a little tough this year with social distancing restrictions.  Most of the ice skating facilities in our area are open--but, you really need to plan ahead and book spots online early due to limited space. 

8.  Stargazing.  January skies offer a lot of opportunities for stargazing!  Check out the Night Sky Planner from the Night Sky Network to events to watch for in your January night sky this year. 

9.  Hold a Family Board Game Tournament. I am not sure if we will break out the checker board, Uno, Battleship or Monopoly this month--or try some trivia games--but, a classic board game night is always fun for the family!


10.  Roast Marshmallows Over Fire.  I am not sure if we will be roasting marshmallows outside or if I'll get some marshmallow roasting sticks and roast by the fireplace--but, I think s'mores are on the January calendar!

11  Celebrate Winnie the Pooh on Winnie the Pooh Day.  My youngest daughter loved Winnie the Pooh!  National Winnie the Pooh Day is January 18th and we will need to revisit her book collection or watch some cartoons!

12. Make Homemade Soup.  We make a lot of soup recipes in our little corner of the world during the winter months.  The girls are always ready to find a new recipe--so, we will see what they come up with for January!  Here are some of our soup and stew recipes if you need some ideas. 

13.  Snuggle by the Fire.  I think we could all use an evening of reading or jigsaw puzzle building in front of a warm cozy fire!

I will try to post some shots of our January adventures on Instagram as we head through the first month of the new year!

What's on your January bucket list? 



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