5 Trivia Games for Family Game Night for Families with Teens

As the weather turns Central Ohio Winter Blah (again) this week--and kids are home on winter break or trudging through more days of remote learning--we will be ramping up some indoor family fun activities!  Planning a family game night is a go-to winter activity in our little corner of the world.  I love trivia games!  It is a fun, competitive way to show off some random facts--or generally useless information--that we have stored away!  Today, I thought I would share some fun trivia game finds for family game night that even families with teens can enjoy!  Here are five teen friendly, family trivia games that my family loves.

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The Logo Game

This is a game that I actually "learned" about through the kids--as a cellphone app! While the app game is truly a "name the brand logo" game--this board game takes more of a trivia knowledge angle as players need some brand knowledge as well. Fun for teens through adults--and we especially love using it as team style game combining our teens with some older adults during family gatherings.  Personally, I prefer the older edition of the The Logo Board Game as it takes a little longer to play.

Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Trivial Pursuit has been one of my favorite games for almost as long as I remember! I still have an original Trivial Pursuit Genus Edition that my step father used to repeatedly demonstrate his massive amount of quirky knowledge and random sports statistics--and win most every game. This family edition of the game can give younger players a little more of an even playing field with differently leveled questions to choose from.

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Okay--so, this one is actually a learning app rather than a traditional board game--but, it is one that my kids have LOVED since elementary school.  They kids have used it a lot in school--but, families can also use it at home for trivia play and even to challenge others to trivia league play.  The game is a great way to reinforce some current lessons that the kids may be working on!  You can learn more about the game, explore game options and access premium content on the Kahoot! website.

Pando:  The Trivia Game About Us

This trivia game is concerned less with geography and science facts--and more with the things you know about your friends and family. It is a fun way for families and friends to get together, share some personal information and have some laughs. It is a fun trivia game for teens through adults--and even works remotely for gatherings that can't be done in person. The teens will especially enjoy watching the parents try to answer questions about significant others or siblings!

...I should have known that!  Trivia Game

This is a trivia game that doesn't ask obscure, random facts--but, asks questions about more common things that you should probably know the answer to.   This game is also more geared toward teens and adults--though observant, middle school aged players may enjoy it as well.  This is definitely a game that will have you saying, "I should have known that!" or "I know I have seen that!"  The Hygge Games company also has a trivia game call How Did you Know That? that brings up some pretty obscure, kooky facts if that is more your thing. 

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