5 Things to Know About Getting Wisdom Teeth Removed

My middle daughter is a senior in high school this year. When she began complaining about some pain in the back of her mouth and gums, I didn’t think much of it at first. Then--I realized what that pain was trying to tell us! It is time to have our dentist check out her wisdom teeth and see if they need to be removed! What are some things to know about getting wisdom teeth removed?

Ignoring the Pain Won’t Make it Go Away. My husband waited years to have his wisdom teeth removed. The pain would come and go as the teeth kept struggling to find a way through. He didn’t feel it was severe enough to be “a problem”--despite his dentists telling him he should schedule an appointment for wisdom teeth removal. His wisdom teeth bothered him for several years from time to time. Ignoring the pain didn’t make it go away. The teeth didn’t have room to grow in--and were shifting his perfectly straight teeth as they tried to come through! Check with dentists in Tampa, FL or wherever you may be to see if it is time to have those wisdom teeth removed!

The Sooner You Remove Them, The Easier the Process. When wisdom teeth first begin to cause issues--their roots are still reasonably small--and they haven’t caused much crowding or problem to the surrounding teeth. My husband required an oral surgeon and a lengthy procedure. My teen daughter will be able to have her wisdom teeth removed under general anesthesia by our dentist. Many dentists suggest removing wisdom teeth before they begin to cause issues!

Waiting May Not Wreak Havoc on Years of Time in Braces. Here I am, talking about waiting to have those wisdom teeth removed! My daughters spent $1000’s of dollars and several uncomfortable years in braces. If there isn’t space for those wisdom teeth (and there generally is not)--they will try to make room, right? Well--depending on why you needed braces and the areas of shifting and overcrowding--the wisdom teeth may not really move things much. They may cause some crowding in the back and should certainly be looked at by your dentist--but they likely won’t undo all of your years in braces before you remove them!

Everyone Reacts Differently to Anesthesia. It seems that everyone responds differently to the different types of anesthesia. Some people experience zero problems with anesthetic--while others experience added sedation or even bouts of nausea. If you have reacted poorly in the past to anesthesia, be sure to let your dentist or oral surgeon know. Additionally, plan to have someone available to drive you home after your procedure.

Follow your Dentist’s Directions.
Pain and swelling may be minimal--or worse than expected. It seems that different people respond differently regarding pain tolerance and response as well. It is essential to follow all of your dentist's instructions, from pre-procedure preparation to post-procedure at-home care. Some of the pre-procedure guidance may be given to ensure that your numbing and anesthetic work well. Some of the post-care advice may help ensure that your mouth heals well and keeps infection at bay.

Having wisdom teeth removed is not a milestone event that we all look forward to having done--but it is a milestone event nonetheless. For most of us, having these teeth removed is a necessary evil--but if we try to have it done as soon as possible and follow all of the dentist’s directions, it is a manageable experience that is over relatively quickly!

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