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About the Book


Cleo can tie a bow. She learned from a rabbit and a fox. They can help you learn to tie one, too. Great parent-child activity for learning to tie a bow with any ribbon or string - including shoe laces.


My Review


Imaginative Story Helps Teach a Life Skill. Cleo Can Tie a Bow brings fun, creative characters to life to help little ones learn to tie bows. As a parent, teaching shoe tying skills sometimes requires a bit of creativity to keep the task learning from becoming dull. The author and illustrator create a colorful, fun story to give children a slightly different look at bow tying. 


The Author Offers Step by Step Bow-Tying Instructions. Sometimes, children just need to see (or read/hear) instructions presented in a slightly different way to encourage them to keep trying to master a new skill! The bow-tying tips and education that the author gives toward the end are well done and easy to understand. The book offers a great way to encourage the kids to follow the fox's directions (like Cleo does with her sash) and try the "fox's way" to learn bow tying. 


Would I Recommend Cleo Can Tie a Bow by Sybrina Durant? As three girls' mom, I think this is an adorable book for little girls to learn bow tying. Even my two tom-boy daughters still loved butterflies and bows--and pink things--and played many imaginative games with stuffed animals. The story is easy to read--and offers an opportunity to work on bow tying skills! The author even makes sure to remind readers that the bunny ears tied in her book are fictional--and that real bunnies or long-eared animals should never serve as bow-tying practice objects. Cleo Can Tie a Bow is a cute, imaginative way to illustrate a difficult skill to children, and I would recommend it to little girls especially learning to tie shoes and bows!


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I've been writing creative and technical works for years. Many of my songs are on Youtube and Itunes. Two of my books are available as ebooks online. They are "Learn To Tie A Tie WIth The Rabbit And The Fox" and "Sybrina's Phrase Thesaurus".

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