Productivity Hacks for Small-business Owners Operating in a Remote Work Setup

Running a small business is like running a one-man show. From managing the entire business, handling the employees, taking care of customers, and generating sales, a business owner has to deal with these aspects while dealing with the ever-growing list of business-related responsibilities. 


To optimize operations, business owners have to look for ways to boost productivity, from increasing working hours to adopting cutting-edge technologies. In the manufacturing sector, business owners are capitalizing on manufacturing tech trends such as applying the highest-quality engineering resins and machinery and inventory management tools.

Productivity is always a key factor when running any form of business or organization. According to a survey by Oasis, an outsourcing provider of HR solutions, 52% of small-business owners reported that improving efficiency and productivity are their greatest concerns when managing a workforce.

You may run a business at home, but it shouldn't stop you from meeting the emerging needs of your employees and customers. Along with these changes, they may also drive you to alter the whole business process, which may cause confusion or huge adjustments. But in these times of stability or change, a good business should know how to maximize its productivity. With this in mind, here are some productivity hacks for small-business owners. 

Apply collaboration and communication tools in your work processes

In any situation, communication plays a key role in maximizing productivity. Since most businesses have to transition into a remote work setup, many have to put up with the lack of physical interactions. Although there are videoconferencing applications to make communication easier, these tools aren't enough to ensure team collaboration.

Because of the ever-increasing challenges brought by the pandemic, employers and their teams should familiarize themselves with different online applications to ensure proper coordination. Unfortunately, most employers tend to complicate the task by adding extra steps to their work process. But doing this will only endanger the efficiency of the entire operation.

Investing in online collaboration tools is the most efficient way to manage a remote team. These tools have been dominating the business world because of their ability to facilitate effective communication. They often consist of live updates, performance analytics, visual displays, and other features to measure employees' productivity.

Business communication platforms with file-sharing services allow companies to streamline communication in a single main hub. The participants can easily edit documents, transfer files, and contribute ideas, all in real-time. Some of the popular platforms include Google Drive, Slack, and Hubspot. 

Ensure accountability at all times

Accountability is very critical for businesses that operate outside the traditional office environment. While others measure productivity through working hours, it still doesn't guarantee if the employee made use of those hours efficiently.

To ensure total transparency in a remote work setup, the employer must ensure that all employees are maximizing the number of work hours required for them. A quick Google search will provide time-tracking applications that monitor employee time ins and provide notifications if they submitted the required work hours.

If employees are having problems in terms of productivity, assign daily targets or goals to improve productivity and morale. In fact, people work effectively if they have a predetermined and clear objective with a definite deadline. Do this by breaking down the objectives into subgoals to provide a set of outcomes every week. This way, you will have clear expectations and insights about the weekly and monthly targets of the staff. 


Allow your employees to spread their wings!


It’s a proven fact that happier employees are more productive. What better way to bring a smile to your worker’s faces than by allowing them the freedom to work from anywhere in the world?


Of course, it’s a nice thought, but once you’ve factored in all of the necessary requirements —- from tax, to payroll and HR, things soon come crashing down to earth. Suddenly the idea of hiring globally isn’t so appealing. Fortunately, this no longer needs to be the case. 


An employer of record service provider can simplify the entire process, allowing you to legally employ talent from anywhere in the world — or ease the process of a current team member moving abroad. Set your team free and allow them true freedom — you may just find that their workrate improves along with their mood!


Consult the team

Have you ever wondered why some employees are taking so long with a certain task? Most employers solve this issue by redefining the workflow without consulting the employee. Unfortunately, doing this can negatively affect productivity by complicating tasks you can just simplify.

If an employee is taking too long with a specific task, discuss and investigate the matter with them. But instead of accusing them, structure your inquiry as a curiosity. For example, don't question why a task is taking too long; frame it by asking about the issues they encounter and offering help to improve their performance.

There will be times when employees feel hesitant to provide honest critiques about the company. Solve this by distributing anonymous surveys to encourage them to express their concerns. Just make sure to create tailor-fit questions for each department and include open-ended prompts.

As you might observe, improving the productivity of a business is not about pressuring employees to work harder or increasing the work hours, but rather it is knowing how to apply smart changes and optimizing work efforts to produce quality work in a short amount of time. Follow these productivity hacks and witness your business grow while making employees happier than ever.

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