May Family Fun Bucket List: Family Fun Activities for May

It is May and we are finally having some spring weather in our little corner of the world!   With a sick kiddo for a couple of weeks--and a lot of road trips to try to get her on the mend--and the usual start to the end of the school year rush--we were so busy in April!  We were able to knock out a few of the April family fun activities--but, not many.  It is almost a new month and, today, I am sharing our May Family Fun Activities--a family fun "bucket list", I guess, of the activities that made our list!  Ready to have some fun in May? Try some of these 13 Family Fun Activities for the month of  May!


List of family fun activities for May

May is loaded with special, fun holidays!  From May 4th and 5th to Mother's Day and Memorial Day--we have lots of activities planned!

Here is a rundown of our plans for the month of May  Check out some tips and ideas for each item and download a printable copy here too!

May Bucket List

13 Family Fun Activities for May

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1.  Watch the Kentucky Derby.  Attending a live Kentucky Derby has been on my personal bucket list for years--but, until that happens, I will be content with watching every year.  Growing up with friends involved in horse racing and breeding--the Kentucky Derby starts our racing season and brings back so many fun memories.  Whether you host your own little Kentrucky Derby viewing party or head out to watch with a group--it's a fun, family friendly activity.  Making your own Kentucky Derby style hat is always fun too! 

2.  Celebrate Cinco de Mayo. While Cinco de Mayo historically celebrates the Battle of Puebla in Mexico--it has become a celebration of Mexican culture in the United States.  You can read the history of the holiday as a family and celebrate Mexican culture with your favorite foods and drinks.  Homemade guacamole is a fun recipe that the kids can help make.  May 5th is also National Enchilada Day--and this is my go-to chicken enchilada recipe to celebrate!

3.  Make it a Screen Free Week.  Screen Free Week happens May 2-8th this year.   With so much of our school/work lives spent digitally--I welcome the opportunity to put down the screens for at least every evening during this one week.  Take the Screen Free Pledge and seek out activities and resources to reconnect while disconnecting from those electronics!

4.  Celebrate Mother's Day.  This year is going to be a simple Mother's Day picnic or a kid/husband prepped cookout in our little corner of the world--although, an event at a nature conservatory or garden would be fun too!

5.  Make Homemade Hummus.  May 13th is International Hummus Day.  While there are certainly some yummy storemade hummus brands--making homemade hummus is a fun way to get the kids cooking and learning about some international food.


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6.  Watch Star Wars Movies.  May the 4th be with you as you introduce or reintroduce your family to the original Star Wars movies or the newer ones.

7.  Donate to a Food Bank.  If you are fortunate enough to be able to donate food or non-perishable hygiene items to those in need--any month is a good time. Make it a family affair as you clean and reorganize cabinets and pantries and take any unwanted, unneeded items to your local food bank.   National Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive Day is May 14th--so if you are too busy to schedule time to drop off a donation,  take advantage of this opportunity to leave the food for your mail carrier to collect for you. 

8.  Celebrate Memorial Day.  Attend a local parade or remembrance event to celebrate Memorial Day to celebrate this day of remembrance.  Kick of this beginning of summer with a Memorial Day cookout or holiday gathering.  Here is a Memorial Day cookout menu from appetizers to desserts!

9.  Have a Family Movie Night. As we wind down another school year--a family movie night is always an evening of welcomed down-time for us.  Pop some popcorn have some snacks and watch a family friendly movie or two!  Here are some tips for a fun, family movie night!

10. Take a Family Road Trip.  Whether you are celebrating Mother's Day at the beginning of the month or Memorial Day at the end of the month--take advantage of May days to venture on a little road trip.   We are still working on the 52 Hike Challenge and a good 2-3 day road trip will help us knock out a few hikes. Here are some things to consider when planning your family's road trip!

11  Make a Turtle Craft.   National Turtle Day falls in late May. My daughter has Bubbles, an African Side Neck turtle that lives in her room--and we are frequently involved in Turtle conservation causes and activities.  To get your little ones excited about turtles, try a fun craft for little crafters

12. Raise Butterflies.  This is my favorite Spring activity!  We always wait until mid May to start the process of raising butterflies from larvae.   We have had great success raising painted lady butterflies from kits from the Nature Gift Store

13.  Start an Herb Garden.    There is a lovely herb center in a nearby suburb that holds plant sales, educational classes and workshops--and a gift shop with dried herbs, books, teas, etc.  I am going to try to visit their Herb Day event this month and get some plants to start our herb garden this year!  Herb gardens are great since they are perfect for small space, container gardens or even indoor garden spots. My youngest daughter loves gardening and cooking, so growing her own little herb garden is always on her wish list in the spring when we plan activities.

I will try to post some shots of our May adventures on Instagram as we head into the fifth month of the year!

So--How did we do on our April list?

What's on your May bucket list?

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