Young Adult Science Fiction Book Review: A Measure of Serenity by Bryan Prosek


​Book Title:  A Measure of Serenity by Bryan Prosek
Category:  YA Fiction (Ages 13-17),  368 pages
Genre: YA Science Fiction 
Publisher:  CamCat Books 
Release date:  November 2022
Content Rating: PG. There aren't any graphic scenes, and no strong language.
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About the Book

A million thoughts, but only one right thing to do.

Eighteen-year-old Serenity Ashdown has a brilliant mind: she counts, calculates, and analyzes everything, all the time. Awkward. When her father suddenly disappears, Serenity follows his trail to a parallel dimension. The feds on the other side claim to want to help her go home, if she helps them reconstruct the right codes for the portal between worlds. But it’s soon clear they want something more: a gateway for invasion, because this version of Earth is dying.

​When Serenity learns that her alter-ego was killed in battle, she assumes “the other Serenity’s” identity and uses her unique abilities to lead the resistance in a mortal fight against the tyrannical super-government that is poised to invade her universe. Serenity has no idea how to be someone she’s not, but she has to try—or she may not have a home to return to.
My Review

The Author Creates a Well Done Science Fiction World for Readers.  I have read other adult science fiction books from this author and his world building is always the strongest aspect of his storytelling.  This book is no exception.  He does a wonderful job setting the scenes for his characters and the plot without slowing his storyline or bogging down young adult readers with unnecessary details.  The worlds seem believable with easy to follow transitions between character side stories and scenes.

Serenity's Views Tell the Perfect Story.  The book is essentially told through Serenity's overly analytical, gifted, calculating thoughts.  The author does a wonderful job delving into Serenity's mind and allowing her to process the various scenes and situations in her unique way.  I loved watching Serenity battle through her calculations and analysis paralysis to use her skills and gifts to be the hero the story needed.

Would I Recommend A Measure of Serenity by Bryan Prosek?  I enjoyed this book and Serenity's character and role in this dystopia adventure.  This is the perfect book for those seeking a young adult Sci fi adventure with a very strong, gifted female heroine. Fast paced action, a little love story and a slight cliffhanger feel draw readers in quickly and hold interest through the end.    I think Serenity's personality makes it especially perfect for gifted teens or teens girls with STEM career aspirations.  

Meet the Author

Bryan Prosek is a science fiction writer and business attorney. Along with his debut The Brighter the Stars and the forthcoming A Measure of Serenity, he has published books and articles in legal trade journals and magazines. When he isn’t writing or practicing law, you can probably find him watching science fiction movies or television shows. He loves the big screen and the small screen. There’s a good chance that he’ll be watching one of the numerous Star Trek movies or series, but he could be watching anything from Guardians of the Galaxy to The Conjuring.

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