Our DIY December: A Month of Home Improvement Projects Painting a Wall
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Do you have a room in your home that you hate?  Maybe a ton of little things throughout the house that drive you mad?  Oh, I do!  My house is semi trapped in 1987 with 20 years of this and that inefficiently joining the trap!  I mentioned that I was planning some changes here in our little corner of the world, even if change is hard, and hinted that I would be making a list of projects, lifestyle changes, and such that would help me get everything back on track.  Well—that list grew longer and longer (and longer!)…..and I decided it was time to take a month, seek out some home improvement resources, and tackle some of the little home improvement projects that continually make me crazy! 

Big projects on my list for December?  I’ll be painting both of my daughters’ rooms and the family room.  That will be quite an undertaking!  We will be installing shelving in the family room and researching suppliers and some flooring and landscaping options for next spring!

Little home improvement projects on my list?  We’ll be making window treatments, creating some homemade d├ęcor and repurposing lots of old things into new treasures (if all goes well!)  

While we may not have a daily project to post—we will be posting several of our home improvement projects throughout the month of December.  I am very excited!  I am a little nervous about a few of the projects on my mind’s list—but, I am feeling very sure that I will feel so much better about our little corner of the world as soon as I dive into my project list! 

"If you wait, all that happens is you get older." -- Larry McMurtry

I would love to have most of my projects accomplished by Christmas—and I can’t wait to share them!

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  1. Don't like planning projects in December. I like starting in January with a clear head and by getting rid of the clutter. Great tips in this post. Thanks



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