Slow Cooker Hacks and Tips for Busy Families

When I was running one child to soccer (or tennis or orchestra) and two other children to dance classes (or drama classes or gymnastics) at different times during the evenings of at least 3-4 nights per week--I was stressed at meal time. Neither our budget nor our family's health could afford to eat out every night--but, it was pretty tough to make home cooked meals when I simply wasn't home between the hours of 3pm and sometimes 8pm each day! The slow cooker became one of my favorite kitchen tools. Especially my go-to Balsamic Roast Beef and Vegetables recipe for the slow cooker! While our schedule was a little easier last year--it looks like I may be dragging out my trusted, slow cooking, friend a little more often in the upcoming months! I loved this Slow Cooker Hacks and Tips infographic from thought I would share it with everyone as we all seem to be facing back to school (and back to extracurricular activities) earlier this year...and we still need to eat dinner as families!


What is my favorite tip on this infographic? The cleanup tips! I am so guilty of failing to line the slow cooker with aluminum foil or a cooker liner--and I hate to face cooked on, dried on, messes at the end of a busy day. These cleanup tips really do work--and serve as a great reminder for even slow cooking pros!

Disclosure: These tips were provided by, I was not compensated for the post. I just really liked the info-graphic and thought that it held some great information for busy families!

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