#MondayMotivation: The Value of Hard Work

In life, there are times when things come easily...and there are many more times when things do not come easily.  Sometimes; unfortunately, we expect our paths to success to be boulder free on a downhill slope--when, more often than not--there are stones and holes and wild animals and rock ledges and thorn bushes strewn along the way for us to move, change, or detour around.  There is hard work to be done.  Sometimes, we become tired and beaten down and fail to remember the value of all of the work we are doing--when our goals still lie so far down our littered paths!  I have talked about hard work before in motivational quotes and (A LOT) on Twitter--but, I know that my little corner of the world needs reminded that the things we want in life are very rarely handed to us without a little or a lot of hard work on our part!

This is tough for everyone!  It's hard to work hard on a project or a task--and not feel any immediate gratification or maybe not even receive any recognition of our efforts.  We may not always see the immediate benefit of our hard work--but, I do really, really, really believe that if we are ever to achieve the things we want most in life--we simply MUST work hard to get them!

If you have a dream or a long term goal--there is just no quick and easy way to get there without putting forth a little effort.  Or a lot of effort--depending on your natural talents, your life circumstances and the size of your goal.  We have become so conditioned to look for the "easy way" toward instant success and instant gratification that we see even a simple staircase as a nearly impossible obstacle.  Everything in life isn't easy.  Success isn't instant.  Rewards aren't always earned after we pass every obstacle.  Sometimes--we have to see the stairs to success as an opportunity rather than an obstacle.

I read and reviewed Right or Almost Right, a network/multi-level marketing book, recently --and the moral of the story was that there were "almost right" paths that multi-level based business owners could take--or RIGHT paths.  The Almost Right path takers may fail or see a little success--but, with a little more effort (a little more WORK), the Right path takers could expect greater success in their ventures.  While, I am not a multi-level marketer, there is a valuable lesson here:  Sometimes, you need to put forth a little more effort....a little more Umph...And this could be the difference between great success or getting by.

Today--I am preaching the value of hard work to some folks in my little corner of the world who have generally faced "smooth sailing".  I know that the preferred path is one of least resistance (i.e. up)--but, I think there is a valuable life lesson to learn here.

Everything in life doesn't come easily.

Sometimes, we have to push harder.  Try harder.  Try again if (when) our last efforts failed.

Work harder than you think you did yesterday.

Have a wonderful Monday--and realize that you are working hard for a reason.  For a goal.  For a purpose!

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