Gluten Freedom by Alessio Fasano MD Book Review

Several of my daughters' teammates, friends and classmates practice gluten free diets.  My family limits gluten containing products slightly by choice.  When I was offered the opportunity to read and review Gluten Freedom by Alessio Fasano, MD; the scientist in me was excited to read and learn more about the growing dietary trend.  What are my thoughts on Gluten Freedom by Alessio Fasano, MD?

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in my review. All opinions are my own.

Quick Summary of Gluten Freedom.  World-renowned gluten-related disorders expert Dr. Alessio Fasano presents the groundbreaking roadmap to a gluten-free lifestyle, and how millions can live better by going gluten free.
For centuries, bread has been known as the “staff of life.” But for millions of Americans affected by gluten-related disorders, consuming gluten, the complex protein found in wheat, rye, and barley, can be hazardous to their health. In a recent poll presented by Scientific American, over 30% of Americans reported wanting to cut down or eliminate gluten from their diets; the gluten-free market is a $6.3 billion industry and continues to expand.

Now, in Gluten Freedom, Alessio Fasano, MD, world-renowned expert and founder of Massachusetts General Hospital’s Center for Celiac Research, reveals the latest developments in scientific research and treatment, and the answers they provide for this rapidly expanding audience. This groundbreaking, authoritative guide is an invaluable roadmap for the newly diagnosed, for those already dealing with gluten-related issues, and for anyone who thinks they may have an issue with gluten.

Distinguishing scientific fact from myth, Gluten Freedom explains the latest research, diagnostic procedures, and treatment/diet recommendations, helping consumers make the best choices for themselves and their families. Gluten Freedom also discusses important nutritional implications for behavior-related diagnoses such as autism and conditions such as depression, anxiety, and “foggy mind.” Other highlights include:

• The differences between celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, and wheat allergy
• Current best practices for gluten-related disorders at any age
• Practical information on setting up a gluten-free kitchen, reading labels, and staying safe and healthy in a world filled with hidden sources of gluten
• The psychological impact of a diagnosis and its effect on a family
• Groundbreaking research for prevention and therapy
• Reliable and accurate resources for patients, parents, and physicians
• And even recipes for an authentic gluten-free Italian dinner from Dr. Fasano’s home kitchen

Gluten Freedom is a sourcebook and launching point for consumers seeking information.  This book is small--but, mighty.  Dr. Fasano offers very well organized, detailed information that is both easy to understand and apply to our personal lives and situations.  This book is designed to help consumers understand gluten, its effects on the body, and to evaluate the benefits (and concerns) of eliminating gluten from our diets.  Expect so many resources to further your study and research efforts on this topic.  Gluten Freedom backs claims with science and real-research studies--and offers readers the opportunity to sort fact from myth on nearly every page.

Gluten Freedom offers much more than a book of facts and figures.  This book is truly a valuable resource for anyone, of any age, at any point on the path to gluten freedom.  The author moved from the science behind gluten and the body's responses to it--to testing and diagnosis to living gluten free in a gluten loving world.  The author offers apps to help readers on their journey as well as further reading, easy to understand definitions--and suggestions toward easing the difficulties of a gluten free diet.

Would I recommend Gluten Freedom by Alessio Fasano, MD?  This book is written like a science textbook at times--but, also as a helpful guidebook to understanding the real-world implications of gluten freedom.  My family does not have diagnosed gluten allergies--but, at least two of us do show some signs of gluten sensitivity.  This book was a wonderful starting point for me to understand the basics of gluten--and health concerns related to it--and to begin to develop a limited gluten diet plan for my family. The resources offered in this book led me easily to a wealth of information (and additional resources) to really guide me along the way.  I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about gluten (and more about gluten freedom). 

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About the Author:

World-renowned pediatric gastroenterologist, research scientist and entreprenuer Alessio Fasano, M.D., heads the Center for Celiac Research at MassGeneral Hospital for Children (MGHfC) in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1996, the Center offers state-of-the art research, clinical expertise, teaching and advocacy for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gluten-related disorders, including celiac disease, gluten sensitivity and wheat allergy, for patients of all ages.

Trained in Naples, Italy, as a pediatric gastroenterologist, Dr. Fasano was recruited to the University of Maryland School of Medicine in 1993 and founded its Division of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. Puzzled by the absence of children exhibiting symptoms of celiac disease in the clinic, he resolved to uncover the mystery of missing American "celiacs." His perseverance in the face of skepticism about celiac disease in the U.S. eventually led to his publication of the groundbreaking study in 2003 that established the rate of the autoimmune disorder at one in 133 Americans.

His subsequent work includes numerous diagnostic and research breakthroughs, including the discovery of the ancient molecule "zonulin," which regulates the impermeability of the intestine also known as "leaky gut." Dr. Fasano's research has linked an overproduction of zonulin to the pathogenesis of a series of autoimmune diseases, including type 1 diabetes, celiac disease and multiple sclerosis.

Widely sought after by national and international media, Dr. Fasano has been featured in hundreds of interviews including outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal; National Public Radio; CNN; Bloomberg News; USA Today; Los Angeles Times; The Huffington Post, "Good Morning America"; The Globe and Mail; VOGUE; and numerous health-related websites and magazines. Dr. Fasano is a skilled gluten-free chef and a connoisseur of fine wines and Italian luxury automobiles.

Dr. Fasano is division chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition at MGHfC. He also heads the Mucosal Immunology and Biology Research Center and is associate chief for Basic, Clinical and Translational Research for the Department of Pediatrics at MGHf C. He is a Visiting Professor of Pediatrics at Harvard Medical School. He has authored hundreds of academic articles and book chapters, but Gluten Freedom is his first health book for a general audience. 

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