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Whether at work or on the homefront, there are times when effective communication is necessary to control situations.  Sometimes; however, emotions run high and the the outcome of given conversation or interaction comes with a high price! This morning, I am sharing my review of Back Pocket Coach:  33 Effective Communication Strategies for Work and Life.  What did I think of this self help book by Diane Brennan and Alexandra Ross?

I received a complimentary copy of this book for use in my review.  All opinions are my own.  At the end of this post, you may also enter for a chance to win a print copy of Back Pocket Coach & an Amazon Gift Card in the book tour giveaway!

Genre: Communication, Self-help
Publisher: New View Press
Release date: January 2017

About the Book

Have you ever been in a situation that was emotionally charged and the stakes were high? And it was difficult to find the right words? Back Pocket Coach provides 33 power-packed communication strategies to support you in creating satisfying conversations that result in good outcomes for you and others. These just-in-time strategies will help you move through conversations masterfully --whether you're engaging with one person or a team of people.

You'll learn how to:
-- Provide difficult feedback to everyone from your boss to mother-in-law -- improving your relationships in the process.
-- Effectively renegotiate any agreement.
-- Say no to a request that would leave you stretched too thing -- and do so from a place of strength.
-- Get unproductive meetings back on track -- even if you're not the meeting organizer.
-- Safely speak your truth.
-- Increase your self-awareness and emotional intelligence.
-- Use appreciation authentically -- the secret sauce for thriving relationships.

Back Pocket Coach provides 33 power-packed communication strategies to support you in creating satisfying conversations that result in good outcomes for you and others

 My Review
Back Pocket Coach offers useful, real world content in an easy to use format.    The 33 communication strategies are presented in a short, easy to read, easy to understand and easy to implement format.  The strategies are not complicated--and they are realistically applicable to everyday life.  While readers could choose relevant strategies for use in daily situations, the authors take the book one step further by detailing a section of communication scenarios or situations that readers may encounter--and then they list a few specific strategies to consider in each of those situations.  This format makes the book a wonderful reference guide to use again and again.

Back Pocket Coach really does apply for home or work settings.  Sometimes, you read a book that claims to offer support for both the reader's home and work life....but, the format really makes it useful for only one or the other.  This book really does offer strategies useful to both environments--and is written in such a way that it is easy to try more than one of the book's strategies in a situation.  I think this could be rather useful in changing my communication strategy at times with a houseful of teen/tween daughters.

Would I recommend Back Pocket Coach by Diane Brennan and Alexandra Ross?  I think this could become my go-to, communication guide.  It is short--yet fairly comprehensive.  I love the writing style of the strategies--and I especially find that the "if this situation arises....try these strategies..." portion of the book makes Back Pocket Coach a valuable, reference guide for the book shelf for years to come.  Plan to read it to familiarize yourself with the content--then plan to keep it to refer to frequently as situations arise.  It's a great book for developing successful communication outcomes in both professional and personal relationships--and it is suitable for use by both men and women of any age. 

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Meet the Authors

Alexandra Ross is an executive coach, team builder and author. With a Masters degree in Organizational Communication, she helps leaders and teams sharpen their leadership skills and exceed prior levels of performance. Alexandra is internationally certified as a Master Certified Coach. She coaches executives and leaders in the fields of aerospace, engineering, high technology, medical, financial and more. She is also passionate about coaching women in leadership. Contact Alexandra at

Diane Brennan is a consultant, coach, author and speaker. She is passionate about leadership in all types of organizations. She enjoys working with leaders and teams in the fields of healthcare, aerospace, engineering, science, academics and business. Diane's expertise in organizations includes strategic thinking, navigating change and creating a learning culture. Diane holds a Doctorate in Behavioral Health, an MBA and is a Master Certified Coach. She brings calm to the chaos in organizations and life. Contact Diane at

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  1. Thank you for your review Angela! We appreciate your capturing the essence of the book and your attention to the details.

  2. This book would be very helpful to me, I definitely need it in my life!



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