Monday Motivation: Turning Around those Failing New Year's Resolutions and Goals

We are a little over a month into the New Year--and, while, I didn't make a list of New Year's Resolutions, I did create a New Year's Vision Board to illustrate some things in my life I would like to improve this year.  I planned to create weekly action boards and share meal plans and update this blog with all of the projects and activities that I was working on to meet my year's goals.  The first two weeks of January went along perfectly. 

Then. Life happened.

One of the kids was sick (again).  Immediately following the hectic rush of Thanksgiving and Christmas and a trip for the sick one to Tampa/Orlando over New Years and a trip to Pittsburgh for the rest of the family around that time.  Then, the husband wasn't feeling well, we have had horrible weather and snow days and a cat needing surgery and just high levels of chaos that disrupted literally all of my "plans" for at least three weeks. So, on week three of my New Year adventure to a new me, I failed. 

After I missed my first few action plan deadlines, I spent a few days facing a few more obstacles that just really made me want to quit.  And I mean quit everything.  But.  Today is a new day.  This is a new week.  A new month.

And--you know what?  I decided that I have not failed--because I am NOT giving up.  I had some setbacks.  I had some self doubt.  I may have slacked.  But--it is time to turn around those failing New Year's Resolutions and goals--and maybe even re-think my views on "failure".

Remember.  A Few Missteps Do Not Mean All Is Lost.  I realized that I hadn't finished most of my actions for my week three goals.  The girls were home a lot, either sick or with snow days.  Our senior cat, Mr. Fluff, had some dental work and a lump removed from his back--and he did not handle the anesthetic well.  My husband wasn't feeling well.  I was feeling overwhelmed--and a boat load of self doubt crept into my world.   I didn't make an "official" meal plan--so, daily meal prep was stressful.  I didn't plan and write out any actions for the fourth week.  I wasn't keeping up with my to-do lists.  I. Was. Failing.  Everything.  How could I fail everything already?  If I couldn't keep up with my goals and the workload for a few weeks, how could I possibly keep working on them for the whole year?

Okay.  I made some missteps last month.  (Perhaps a lot of missteps.)  A few missteps do not mean that all is lost and that I should just give up!  I needed to step back and give myself a little forgiveness--and a reminder:

"Giving Up is the only sure way to fail." -Gena Showalter 

Okay.  I haven't failed yet.  I haven't given up.

 It's time to summon up some courage (because it does take courage) to keep trying in spite of difficulties, obstacles and doubts. 

I am not giving up.

But.  Now What?  How do you turn around those Failing New Year's Resolutions?

Re-Evaluate the New Year's Resolutions.  Do you really want to accomplish these goals or do you think that someone else wants you to accomplish these goals?  I will tell you--no matter what goal you set--if it is not a goal that you WANT to accomplish with most every fiber of your being--you are not going to see much success.  I do want to accomplish every goal on my 2018 Vision Board--so, I am not ready to change my goals quite yet.  

Just Keep Trying.

Turn your New Year's Resolutions into Priorities.  Do you want to sleep 30 minutes later--or do you want to get up and exercise or pack a healthy lunch or take time to work on a project?  Do you want to watch t.v. or do you want to tackle a step of a home improvement project from your to-do list?  It is time to take your goals a little more seriously and prioritize the actions needed to work toward them over some screen time or other downtime.  

"A goal without a deadline is just a dream." -Robert Herjavec
 Just Keep Trying.
Find an accountability partner.  If you need to offer a weekly summary of your accomplishments to another person--you are going to be more likely to have weekly accomplishments to offer.  Find an online group or a friend who is/are pursuing similar goals and hold each other accountable.  

Just Keep Trying.

Learn from your "failures" and plan again.  Okay.  What worked to help you toward your goals?  What ideas turned out to be disasters already?  I used Google Calendar to create task lists.  They were neat, well organized, and should have worked wonderfully to keep me on task.  

They failed for me. That was not effective for my personal work style.

This week, I put everything into actual blocks of time on my day's schedule.  If the items are "scheduled", I do not have the freedom to pick which activity(ies) I have time for this hour--they have been chosen for me.  The time block is proving to work amazingly well for me.  

I need structure and planned days--and I need to sometimes be forced toward an avoided activity.  If I can see only the item on my schedule--and not the other easier or more fun options--I am more likely to complete the item on my schedule.  I have already accomplished all of the tasks on my calendar over the past four days according to their scheduled times!

"Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently." -Henry Ford
 Just Keep Trying. 

Cut Yourself Some Slack.   You are not perfect, your day is not always perfect and your life is not always going to go as planned.  The changes that you want to make in your life for the new year are probably not quick and easy changes.  You are likely seeking big, lifestyle changes or great, long term results.  Remember that change isn't easy, noticeable results are not always immediate--and it is very difficult to change old habits!  Give yourself a break.  If you messed up a thing or 10 yesterday--try to mess up less today.  Change is hard.  If your goals were easy, you would have accomplished them weeks, months or even years ago!

Just Keep Trying.

No matter what your goals for the New Year may be--sometimes you have to just keep trying.  Keep making those baby steps toward your goals--and remember that those steps (no matter their sizes) are still inching you toward the life that you want to live.  

So.  This week.  I am going to try again to meet my goals.  I am going to try again to learn something from previous weeks--and make new plans/goals/actions/etc..  I am going to continue to use the blog to hold myself accountable to my goals.  I am going to find myself a little grace at the end of the day when I didn't "get it all done" or face my fears or doubts.

I am going to Just Keep Trying.

What advice do you have for those struggling with New Year's Resolutions?  

Maybe you are struggling yourself and need some support?

Leave us a comment!  That is what Monday Motivation posts are all about!


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