Restaurant Review: Big Apple Cafe in Newark, Ohio

We love finding small, local, family friendly restaurants when we travel!  Most of our weekend road trips involve a nature outing or a hike at some point--and a late lunch or early dinner at a nearby restaurant.  A trip to Blackhand Gorge near Newark, Ohio, gave us some time to explore a new spot for lunch after a hike!  Big Apple Cafe actually operates two locations in Newark, Ohio.  We visited the Big Apple Cafe on Log Pond Road as it was closest to our mapped road trip route.  What did we think of Big Apple Cafe?


Big Apple Cafe in Newark, Ohio



 Getting There: Location & Parking

Big Apple Cafe was easy to locate by GPS to the mapped address. It is tucked into a strip mall--but, offers easy parking and is well visible while driving to locate it!

The interior was set up for COVID-19 dining during our visit so te tables were well spaced. We were a little "late" for any typical lunch rush so there were few other diners visiting at the time.  Big Apple Cafe certainly had the small town diner atmosphere with fun New York themed prints hanging throughout the dining area.

The menu was a single page--with lunch items on one side and breakfast on the other.  We shared one menu for the table of four--and opted to mix lunch and dinner.  The husband chose breakfast--while the rest of us chose from the lunch menu side.


How was the Food at Big Apple Cafe?

We all know that it's all about the food when we find a new restaurant! Well--mostly.  We enjoyed the atmosphere and the servers were friendly at the Big Apple Cafe.  

So,how was the food at the Big Apple Cafe? 

Traditional New York Style Reuben 


I am not sure if my daughter has ever visited a restaurant that offered a Reuben without ordering the Reuben! This visit was no exception. While she does like turkey sometimes, she had to opt for the traditional. The portion was just big enough and wasn't thick or overloaded with meat.  I think she was a little disappointed that it wasn't huge and super-saucy or messy--but, she liked it.  The fries were certainly a hit too!

Crab Cakes Benedict & Hash Browns


My husband was immediately drawn to the crab cakes on the menu! He considered the reuben and a few other items and just kept circling back to the breakfast menu and the Crab Cakes Benedict. As always, we all shared bites of this and that so that everyone was able to try some different things.  I quickly found myself wishing that I had tried the Crab Cakes Benedict.  While the hashbrowns were nothing amazing--the Crab Cakes Benedict made up for it! We both really liked it--and would definitely order it again if we were to return.

I Triple Decker Club & Chips 

My middle daughter is also a little patterned in her ordering. She loves club sandwiches--and is generally sucked into ordering one whenever possible. The triple stacked club was huge! We didn't think there was any possible way she could eat the whole thing--but, she did! We are always tend to shy away from chips in restaurants as there is a fine line between kettle cooked and "rock hard"! We found ourselves sharing the fries and chips between the plates and enjoyed the chips as much as the fries at Big Apple Cafe.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap & Fries 

The wrap, like the Reuben, was a little less "stuffed" than I had expected--but, there was still more than enough food and flavor on the plate.  


Would we Recommend Big Apple Cafe (Log Pond location) in Newark, Ohio?

We literally ate every bite--including every fry and chip!    I would definitely recommend the Crab Cakes Benedict and the Triple Decker Club.  We ordered chips with one meal and fries with the others so that we could share--and that seemed to work every well for us too.We would definitely return if we were in the neighborhood.  We had actually been in the neighborhood for a soccer tournament a time or two--and wished we had known it was there at the time!  

If you enjoy small, diner or cafe style sandwiches and breakfasts--I would suggest you give it a try!  It was family friendly and relaxing--a nice little breakfast or lunch spot!

More Information About the Restaurant Featured Here:

Big Apple Cafe Log Pond
1283 Log Pond Drive, Newark, Ohio 43055


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 This post is part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  We chose Food as our theme for the challenge!  B is for Big Apple Cafe!

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